Hair Fall Treatment

“Doctor, I have tested and tried all kinds of hair oil, but still there is plenty of hair fall.” A very common complaint that we listen to regularly. Let us tell you, in some conditions, oral herbal medicines are also recommended along with hair oils for hair fall control and re-growth.

If the cause for hair fall is hypothyroidism, or scalp psoriasis or other medical conditions, just any oil application might not be of help. In fact, in some certain cases of seborrhic dermatitis, oil application itself can make things worse. To treat the underlying cause, oral herbal Ayurvedic medicines and applications are very much necessary.

We take pride in providing Award Winning Ayurveda services and treatments
Our treatments are time tested and refined through years of experience
The treatments are 100% natural, herbal and are in-house formulations
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Hair Fall under control in 3 days*
Increase in hair density
Better hair tensile strength
Healthier scalp

Anti Hair Fall herbal scalp therapies
Anti Hair Fall diet & lifestyle advices
Anti Hair Fall herbal medications
Hair rejuvenative herbal medications​​
Regular follow ups and assessment

Evaluate yourself
If you are experiencing mild to severe Hair Fall, it’s better to evaluate yourself and check with our treatment course details;

MILD On average losing above 50 – 100 hair strands a day. Min. 3 – Max. 6 months
MODERATE On average losing 100 – 200 hair strands a day. Min. 6 – Max. 9 months
SEVERE On average losing above 200 hair strands a day. Min. 9 – Max. 12 months

Each member of our medical team has undergone extensive training in treating Hair Fall. Our experts will personally oversee the medical care of every individual to get the desired result. This means that you get a 360 degree holistic care every time.


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*Results may vary from case to case.

*Results may vary from case to case.

*Results may vary from case to case.