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About Ayurveda

With 5000 years of legacy, this scientific and logic ocean of knowledge and medical care system is still an enigma to the modern world. Perhaps like the blind and elephants tale each ascribes and prescribes his perception and understanding as a wholesome view.

Ayurveda is derived from two Sanskrit root words: Ayu, which means Life, and Veda, which means the Science. Thus Ayurveda refers to the signs of life. Ayurveda, studies human as a constitutional model from a functional point of view. Do not be surprised if a migraine treatment involves your feet.

In Ayurveda, human body is not considered just as a mass of organs, systems and tissues; but the complex mechanism of myriad functions taking place both at physical and mental level are evaluated and described.

Let’s set this to an analog of a business that needs investment to survive, staff to perform, infrastructure to function, administration to operate, reserves to risk and surge ahead and most importantly an idea to drive and motivate. Similarly the body constituents or the structural blocks of such diverse functioning according to Ayurveda are;

Rasa: The investment or primary inputs to human body ; Rakta: The energy or the blood ; Mamsa : The performers or the muscular tissue ; Medas: The reserves or the deposits of fat ; Asthi : The necessary infrastructure or boney structures ; Majja : The administrator or the bone marrow ; and lastly Shukra : The core idea or the reproductive elements …

It’s this science of life Elite Ayurveda represents to the world.