ANTI Diabetes Treatment

SowDiaC Anti Diabetes Treatment
This is an exclusive combination of herbal Ayurvedic internal & external treatments, which will address the control of Diabetes and its related symptoms by correction of body by application of specific herbs as advised by our panel of experts.

Our approach
We consider every patient of ours is important. Every medical condition is treated carefully and to the best. Each member of our medical team has undergone extensive training in treating Diabetes. We use in house herbal formulations which are chemical- free, hence assuring the safety for usage. The effect remains for a longer duration, and we assure you the best Diabetes care. Our experts will personally oversee the medical care of every individual to get the desired result. Our motto is to provide services that are effective, harmless & long lasting.

We take pride in providing Award Winning Ayurveda services and treatments
Our treatments are time tested and refined through years of experience
The treatments are 100% natural, herbal and are in-house formulations
Patient testimonials are a proof to our value added services

Diabetes under control in 10 days*
Reversal in blood sugar levels & HbA1c
Reduction in Diabetes related symptoms
Healthier and normal life

Anti Diabetes herbal body therapies
Anti Diabetes diet & lifestyle advices
Anti Diabetes herbal medications
Cell rejuvenating herbal medications​
Regular follow ups and assessment

Treatment include

Case study Herbal medicines Lifestyle plan
Diabetes care tips Self assessment chart Milestone analysis
Blood Glucose Analysis Diet modifications Holistic approach

Benefits of treatment

Visible results as early as first 10 days Gradually normal blood sugar levels
Reduction in Diabetes symptoms Improved quality of daily activities
Better control on urination Zero side effects
Better control on eating habits Reduced lethargy
Reversal of Diabetes status or HbA1C values Extended life span without complications

Evaluate yourself and know the right duration required:
If you are experiencing mild to severe Diabetes, it’s better to evaluate yourself and check with our treatment course details;

MILD Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) below / above 150 mg/dl
HbA1C between 6% – 7%
Diabetes since 0 to 3 years.
Min. 3 – Max. 6 months
MODERATE Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) between​ / above 150 – 200 mg/dl
HbA1C between 7% – 8%
Diabetes since 4 to 8 years.
Min. 6 – Max. 9 months
SEVERE Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) between ​​/ above​ 150 – 200 mg/dl
HbA1C above 8%
Diabetes above 9 years.
Min. 9 – Max. 12 months

Treatment Success rate
We have observed success rate of more than 96% in our treated patients.


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*Results may vary from case to case.

*Results may vary from case to case.

*Results may vary from case to case.