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Director's Note

Dear Guest,


Let us introduce ourselves to you. We are an organization of qualified and motivated Ayurvedic doctors who value the life of science – AYURVEDA. We are here in Bengaluru since 21st May 2015. We have our clinical research branch in Thrissur (Kerala). The organization serves for the care and cure of the humanity in a traditional but with innovative techniques. We have conceptualized Ayurveda into Time Based Treatment (TBT) packages, all introduced to suit the health needs of the human kind.

The ELITE has a history traced back to 36 years, originated in Orumanayoor, Thrissur, Kerala. The Chairman Dr. Adil Mohammed – a renowned Ayurvedic practitioner and a creative young personality who have also learnt the authentic Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatments from various traditional Ayurvedic families of Kerala, leads the ELITE AYURVEDA under the TEAM ELITE – an enthusiastic team of innovative Ayurvedic doctors. We have been getting miraculous results from the practical applications of the life science. Hence we have tuned to place ELITE all over the world in the next ten years.

The ELITE hospital give access for all the panchakarma as well as Keraleeya treatments in a classical approach. Here one can find experts who are best in curing the disorders of the human body. The ELITE Hospital have a niche for the naadi vaidyas who predict the oncoming diseases of the individual by checking the naadi/pulse of the individual.

The ambience of the hospital is envisaged in a modern outlook expressing the shades of natural colours black & white which gives a pleasant feel to the individual. The ELITE Hospital also has planned an in-patient facility with 15 very well maintained and serviced rooms for the patients as well as the attenders. There we plan to provide customized care for the inpatient during their stay in ELITE.

We have trust in Ayurveda. We trust our doctors and therapists. We trust our TEAM. TEAM ELITE welcomes you all to a new world of Ayurveda.

Our desire to get the authentic Ayurveda to be propagated in the world through ELITE made us to think of the left out community of scientists of Ayurveda who are still confused whether AYURVEDA IS A MYTH OR THE TRUTH. We in ELITE opens an opportunity for the members of the Ayurvedic fraternity to share their knowledge and take away the ocean of the unrevealed SACRED formulations and remedies for the care and cure from ELITE.

With warm regards,

Dr. Adil Mohammed
CEO & Managing Director

Dr. Soumya Hullannavar
Executive Medical Director