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How Does Our Men's Conditions for Retrograde Ejaculation Treatment Benefit You?

Retrograde ejaculation is a condition in which the semen enters the bladder instead of going through the penis while having sex. The men attains the sexual climax, but is unable to ejaculate semen or ejaculates very less. This can also be called a dry orgasm, which is not harmful, but can cause male infertility. Symptoms of this condition are- dry orgasm, cloudy urine after having orgasm and male infertility. The causes of retrograde ejaculations are- side effects of certain medications, radiation therapy, cystectomy, prostatectomy, etc.
‘Shukrameha’ is the Ayurvedic term for retrograde ejaculation that causes the semen to pass through urine. This is caused due to vitiation of Kapha dosha that gets accumulated in the reproductive tract of the men.
For shukrameha, Ayurveda recommends kaphaja shamaka chikitsa. This is accomplished by shodhana (expulsive) treatment, which includes vamana karma (emesis) and basti karma (basti karma) (medicinal enema). A Kapha-lowering diet (ahara) and lifestyle adjustments (vihara) are also suggested. Vajikarana or Vrishya treatments are an Ayurvedic therapeutic specialty that plays a vital part in sexual health maintenance. This line of treatment helps in reversal of retrograde ejaculation conditions in men.
Men's Treatments are very sensitive issues, and we as experts understand the kind of care and efficiency required to assist you to your condition. Experience the joy of being complete - as an individual & as a family.
Our panel consists of specialized Men's experts & counsellors skilled to find out the root cause leading to your condition. Men's fertility conditons is a treatable medical condition and a time sensitive disorder and treating it with the right treatment is of the utmost importance.

Unlike other treatment procedures that jump straight to symptom management, we address the root-cause of the disease. Our treatment for Men's Conditions has proved to achieve a near cure and symptom-free state. We focus on diet, use of potent herbs, meditation, therapies with herbal oils and yoga. These classical practices have proven to be very helpful in our Men's Conditions Treatment.

Understand how we can help you with Retrograde Ejaculation..


  1. Surgeries: Bladder neck surgeries, retroperitoneal lymph node dissection surgery for testicular cancer or prostate surgery, may lead to retrograde ejaculation.
  2. Side effects: Some medications that are used to treat high blood pressure, prostate conditions and depression, have their side effects that cause retrograde ejaculation.
  3. Nerve damage: The nerve damage caused due to medical conditions like- diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease or spinal cord injuries, can all cause the condition of retrograde ejaculation.
  4. Surgeries: The surgeries for prostate removal, bladder removal and some radiation therapies to treat cancer of the pelvic area, all tend to contribute to retrograde ejaculation.

Risk factors

People having following conditions are at a high risk of developing retrograde ejaculation:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Multiple sclerosis
  3. Prostate or bladder surgeries
  4. Intake of drugs
  5. Intake of medications to control blood pressure
  6. Antidepressants
  7. Spinal cord injury
  8. Structural changes of urethra

Low Libido

‘Low libido’ is the term used to describe a lack of interest in sexual activity. A combination of biological, personal and relationship factors affect sexual desire or libido.

However, if a man loses interest in sex for no obvious reason, talking to a doctor is helpful. Some of Low Libido causes we treat include

  • Low Levels of Testosterone
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Inflammation / Infection of the Prostate or Urethra
  • Androgen Deficiency
  • Neurological / Psychological Causes
  • Abnormal levels of Neurotransmitters / Hormones

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