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Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a progressive neurological illness that begins slowly and worsens with time. It is responsible for 60–70% of dementia cases. The trouble recalling recent events is the most prevalent early sign. Language difficulties, disorientation (including getting lost easily), mood changes, loss of desire, self-neglect, and behavioral problems are all possible signs as the condition progresses. When a person's health deteriorates, they frequently retreat from family and society. Bodily functions gradually deteriorate, eventually leading to death. Despite the fact that the rate of advancement varies, the average life expectancy after diagnosis is three to nine years.
“Smritibhramsha'' is the term for Alzheimer's disease in Ayurveda. It is noted that Alzheimer's disease is developed due to consumption of an unwholesome diet and irregular physical activities that causes vitiation of Doshas and affects mind and body. Dhatu Kshaya and Margavarodha are the alignments that are caused due to vitiation of vata dosha and add on to condition. At the cellular level, the ama gets accumulated in the form of proteins that block channels. When Vata gets accumulated, the normal functioning of regeneration of cells and removal of toxins from the cell is not possible and hence, ama in the form of protein gets stuck and hampers functioning.
Alzheimer's disease can be cured in Ayurveda by a line of treatment that focuses on complete cleaning of the body by panchakarma procedures that help in clearing the clogged channels within the body. Some herbal medications are given in order to balance the doshas and eliminate the unbalance in the body. This classical line of treatment for Alzheimer's disease is helpful to live a symptom free life and avoid problems in future.

Stages of Alzheimer’s disease

Early stage Alzheimer’s disease

Symptoms seen in people who are at an early stage of Alzheimer’s disease can be noted as bellows:

  1. Forgetting the episodes of forgetfulness
  2. Forgetting names of friends and family
  3. Always staying confused regarding situations
  4. Disorientation in speech

Middle stage Alzheimer’s disease

Symptoms seen in people who are at the middle stage of Alzheimer’s disease can be noted as bellows:

  1. Difficulty in remembering any recently learnt information
  2. Sleep disturbances
  3. Difficulty in knowing who they are and what they like
  4. Loss of desire for anything

Late stage Alzheimer’s disease

Symptoms seen in people who are the late stage of Alzheimer’s disease can be noted as bellows:

  1. Inability to think over something
  2. Speech problems
  3. Repeating same conversations as they do not remember they did earlier
  4. More abusive, paranoid or anxious

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