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Foot drop or drop foot is a condition in which a person is unable to lift the front part of the foot. This makes a person drag their foot while walking. This may happen to both the feet at the same time and can happen at any age. It is manifested due to paralysis of foot muscles, nerve injury, brain or spinal disorders and muscle disorders, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or diabetes. The person may have tingling sensations in their legs.

According to Ayurveda, foot drop is the result of vitiation of Vata dosha. Vata dosha is responsible for movements across joints in the body. Over time, when these joints are repeatedly used, they get swollen or due to friction from tendons rubbing each other, bone may create dryness and heat in the area, which affects the nerves and causes deterioration. This deterioration is due to accumulation of Vata in the space of joints. Thus, when the nerves become incapable to receive messages, they induce tingling and also become heavy at times leading to drop foot.

As dryness and accumulation of Vata dosha are the causes of foot drop, Ayurveda focuses on promoting moisture retention by stimulating blood circulation to nourish. This helps in healing the muscles and connective tissues. Along with this, panchakarma procedures are accompanied to eliminate toxins from the body and strengthen the affected area. Besides this, proper attention is also given to a balanced diet and exercise routine that helps in balancing doshas and restoring the damaged nerves. The line of treatment for drop foot can be summarized as-

  • Reduction in inflammation by intake on anti-inflammatory foods
  • Increasing circulation by exercising and yoga
  • Moisturizing joints and muscles by application of medicinal herbs like ashwagandha,
  • bala, shilajit, etc.
  • Massaging joints, muscles, tendons by applying medicated oils
  • Panchakarma procedures to eliminate toxins from body
  • Strengthening muscle tissue by application of herbal lepa
  • This line of treatment helps in relief from pain and reversing the foot drop condition

Foot Drop Treatment, Naturally

Causes of foot drop

Foot drop is caused due to paralysis, which may involve causes like-

  1. Nerve damage/injury: This is one of the most common reasons for foot drop which is caused due to compression of nerves in the leg that controls the actions like foot lifting. This nerve is known as the peroneal nerve which is also damaged during hip or knee replacement surgeries. Foot drop is also caused when the nerve root in the spine is injured.
  2. Muscle or nerve disorders: Foot drop is also associated with muscular dystrophy which causes progressive muscle weakness. It can also be caused due to other underlying conditions like polio or Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.
  3. Brain and spinal cord injuries: The disorders of the brain such as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), multiple sclerosis or stroke, are associated with foot drop.

Stages of foot drop

Depending on the intensity of affected foot, it is graded from 0-5:

  • 0 = Complete paralysis
  • 1 = Flicker of contraction
  • 2 = Contraction with gravity eliminated alone
  • 3 = Contraction against gravity alone
  • 4 = Contraction against gravity and some resistance
  • 5 = Contraction against powerful resistance.


The line of treatment for drop foot followed in Ayurveda can be noted as bellows:

Reduction in inflammation by intake of anti-inflammatory foods like ginger, turmeric, neem, astragalus herbs, green tea and other similar foods. This helps in reduction of pain and muscular problems.
Increasing circulation by exercising and yoga: This regimen provides oxygen, warmth and nourishment that helps in regenerating the nerves. This also helps in proper circulation of blood in the body.
Moisturizing joints and muscles by application of medicinal herbs like ashwagandha, bala, shilajit, etc. Applying the paste of these herbs helps in the condition of foot drop. Along with this, ghee, aloe vera gel and cool water can be applied.
Massaging joints, muscles, tendons by applying medicated oils. As time passes, the tissues may become inflamed due to friction causing pain and limiting movements. Application and massage with herbal oil helps in lubrication of those tissues and avoiding damage due to friction. This also helps in reduction of pain and inflammation. Panchakarma procedures to eliminate toxins from the body. Toxins can compromise nerve function and increase inflammation, and panchakarma helps in elimination of those toxins and help in reduction of inflammation and pain.
Strengthening muscle tissue by application of herbal lepa. The lepa is formed from the herbs like brahmi, bhallataka and shilajit that help in nourishment of tissues and promote healing.

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Foot Drop Treatment, Naturally

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