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Lichen planus is a skin, hair, nail, and mucous membrane condition that causes swelling and discomfort. Lichen planus shows on the skin as reddish, itchy, flat lumps that develop over several weeks. Lichen planus causes lacy white patches in the mouth, vagina, and other mucous membrane-covered places, sometimes causing painful blisters.
All skin conditions in Ayurveda are referred to as kushta roga. Lichen planus can be linked to charma kushtha, which causes vata, pitta, and kapha dosha aggravation, because the indications and symptoms are similar. The vitiated dosha has an effect on the skin, blood circulation, and tissue moisture levels, causing skin to become discoloured, tough, and thick.
The treatment of lichen planus follows multiple detoxifications using panchakarma procedures to eliminate ama, correction of agni, application of herbal oil and lepa, and use of rasayana to reduce the symptoms.

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Types of Lichen Planus

  1. Oral lichen planus: This affects the mouth and causes small blue-white spots, which are tender and mildly painful that are found on sides of tongue, cheeks and gums.
  2. Lichen planus pigmentosus: Lichen planus pigmentosus is a kind of lichen that appears as oval grayish brown markings on the face, neck, limbs, and trunk without an inflammatory phase.
  3. Lichen sclerosus: It is a chronic inflammation on skin found in reproductive organs and anus. It is usually seen on the vulva in women and the head of penis in men. It may also be observed in the upper body, upper arms and breasts.
  4. Lichen planopilaris: It is also known as follicular lichen planus that causes tiny red papules around the cluster of hair, which are spiny and rarely blisters.
  5. Lichen planus of nails: It affects nails and sometimes the skin around it. In this condition, the nails become thin, grooved and ridged.


At Elite Ayurveda, Lichen Planus treatment is carried out in following stages:

  1. Detoxification of the body with Panchakarma: This removes all the accumulated toxins from the body. It is further preceded by Virechana (induced purgation), Basti (enema) and Nasya (purifying nasal therapy).
  2. Correction of Agni and preventing further accumulation of toxins: This involves diet modulations which help in boosting Agni (digestive fire).
  3. Pacifying the symptoms: The use of medicinal oil/decoction pouring (Dhara), medications for external application (Lepa), and herbal oil massage (Abhyanga) might help reduce the symptoms of gargling (Kavala).
  4. Rasayana: This helps in restoration of body tissues and reduces symptoms of Lichen planus.

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