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Disc protrusion is one of the most common spinal disc disorders that cause neck or low back pain. Age-related effects on the disc and a traumatic injury can both result in spinal disc protrusion. Age does not refer to the years. Age has a greater bearing on "carelessness" towards the human body. This negligence could be the result of improper sitting posture or the overuse of spinal muscles and discs as a result of improper movements and postures.
Due to the compression of the spinal discs, disc protrusion occurs. When the space between the vertebral bodies is normal, the intervertebral discs function normally. Once the nutrient supply to these discs is compromised, a number of disc conditions develop, including disc protrusion. Discs will inevitably undergo aging-related changes, but these modifications are not always problematic. A protruding disc that occurs as a result of the natural aging process may remain dormant for years. However, if this condition manifests before a certain age, it will manifest differently. Even though a disc protrusion can be extremely painful, we have seen that the majority of patients feel significantly improved after a few weeks of nonsurgical Ayurveda treatment.

In Ayurveda, the mode of treatment of Disc Protrusion is to balance the vitiated dosha and eliminate the toxins accumulated in the channels. The treatment may include detoxification by various panchakarma procedures, abhyanga massage, herbal pottali massage, purgation and mild herbal enema along with classic ayurveda herbal medications. These procedures help in relieving pain and reversing the symptoms of Disc Protrusion.
At EliteAyurveda, our team of specialists provides effective Ayurvedic treatment through the full spectrum of Ayurvedic remedies and therapies. Incorporating Ayurvedic therapy and yoga also contributes to the holistic rehabilitation of patients suffering from disc prolapse.
EliteAyurveda's treatment provides a distinct advantage to its patients. These treatments help patients avoid surgery, are natural and holistic, and are safe and effective for the patient. In addition, a patient can avoid a recurrence of the condition through these treatments. Innumerable patients have been completely cured as a result of our extensive experience in providing individualised treatment approaches.

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Understand how we can help you with Disc Protrusion

Disc protrusion: the uphill battle against disc issues

When ageing affects the human body, lack of flexibility and lack of fluidity are the most prevalent effects. Ageing and dryness go hand in hand. Where there is excessive movement, dryness-related alterations will be more apparent. This is the reason why ageing impacts joints, muscles, and ligaments first. Therefore, the spine is the most susceptible to these alterations.

But these alterations never occur overnight. This occurs in a progression of journeys. A process. The problem's voyage follows the following path...

  • It begins with deterioration. The greatest oleation in the body occurs when disc materials are hydrated. When pressure diminishes the intervertebral space between these vertebrae. It begins to press the disc. The small blood capillaries, which transport blood and nutrients to the disc, have ruptured, and the disc has begun to degrade. This is due to a lack of flexibility in the disc, which causes the jelly to begin "flowing" in all directions based on muscle stimulus. This relates to degenerative disc disease.
  • Now, this protruding disc continues to move, tearing the annular ligament of the disc. Annular ligaments are spherical ligaments that enclose the disc within. Jelly continues to exert forceful pressure on these ligaments, which are now beginning to rip apart as a result of the pressure buildup. This relates to herniated discs.
  • When constant pressure causes total ligament rupture. Consequently, the disc herniates. Now in this state, gelatin begins to protrude from the disc.

Therefore, these are the phases of the disc that comprise disc protrusion. Both physicians and radiologists use these terms interchangeably. The terms a radiologist chooses for your MRI report are solely a matter of selecting medical terms. This is why confusion between various words continues to grow.

Manifestations of Disc Protrusion

Spine is always a complex structure. It supports muscles, ligaments, bones, discs, joints, and the body's most complex structure, the spinal cord. Every level of the spinal cord produces branches, which are nerve roots. These nerve roots emanate from the spinal column's foramina.

The purpose of the discs in this structure is to provide the vertebrae with fluid movement. Discs ensure that the bones will not experience any disturbance from movement. This is the only reason why we can freely move our vertebrae in all directions. Just on the interior sides of the disc, there is a nerve passage. These nerves, or more accurately, nerve roots, produce nerves that supply various areas of the body.

When there is a problem with the disc and it begins to touch, rub, or impinge on the nerves, numerous symptoms manifest. The principal signs and symptoms of disc protrusion are:

  • Pain in the back or neck, which lasts longer.
  • Numbness and tingling sensation in the body, in accordance to the supply of the nerve root involved
  • Sciatica Pain
  • Reduced flexibility of the body.
  • Stiffened muscles
  • Sore muscles
  • Weakness in muscles.

The location of the problem more precisely defines the symptoms. When there is disc protrusion in the neck, it will affect the upper extremities. Lumbar disc protrusion will cause problems in the lower extremities. Only the cervical and lumbar regions of the vertebrae have a great deal of flexibility. Consequently, these issues are more prevalent in the neck and back.

Ayurvedic Approach to Disc Protrusion

Two Ayurvedic principles explain the Ayurvedic approach to disc protrusion - Dhatu Siddhant and the theory of Dosha. These Doshas are always responsible for the condition of slip disc. The same applies here.

There are seven Dhatus. These seven dhatus are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the human organism. The majja dhatu is one of these Dhatus. Majja is characterized as the connective tissues found in the joints and the tissue that resides within the bone cavity.

Consequently, Majja represents both the spinal disc and neural tissues.

When Majja dhatu is disturbed and is deteriorating. It utterly disrupts the Vata doshas of the individual. This ayurvedic approach to disc protrusion is effective in all cases of spine. When it comes to Ayurvedic treatment of disc protrusion, we take the same classical approach and provide patients with spinal disc problems with the finest possible care.
At EliteAyurveda, our team of specialists provides effective Ayurvedic treatment through the full spectrum of Ayurvedic remedies and therapies. Incorporating Ayurvedic therapy and yoga also contributes to the holistic rehabilitation of patients suffering from disc prolapse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Treatment is a unique customised program. Here are some of the most common questions
patients ask about the program.

A serious slipped disc that goes untreated might cause irreversible nerve damage. A slipped disc can, in rare situations, cut off nerve impulses to the cauda equina nerves in your lower back and legs. If this happens, you may lose control of your bowels or bladder.

Slip disc is most commonly caused by disc degeneration, a slow aging-related wear and tear. The discs grow less flexible and more prone to ripping or rupturing with even little strain or twist as people age. Slipped disc is also caused due to jobs involving lifting of heavy weights, long hours of sitting or driving, smoking, obesity, age, etc.

Absolutely. Walking is a great exercise for those who have herniated discs because it increases blood flow and oxygen to the cells. It also keeps your discs moist, which is essential for healing. Swimming and cycling are two more low-impact aerobics sports to try.

The common symptoms of slipped disc are-
a. Pain while sitting due to nerve compression
b. Pain radiates to the legs (sciatica)
c. The pain aggravates while performing some physical activities or weight lifting.

Sleeping posture in herniated disc are:
a. Lay on your back and slowly roll over onto your side.
b. Tuck your knees into your chest and twist your body into your knees.
c. To avoid imbalances, remember to switch sides from time to time.

Ayurvedic slip disc therapy involves virechana, Basti, and Nasya from traditional Panchakarma. Other processes include Sweda, Upanaha, Kati Basti, Greeva Basti, and others. The majority of these methods use oils and ghee. We make use of medicinal ghee and oils.

Slip disc and its related difficulties can be entirely cured using Ayurvedic and Panchakarma procedures. Different internal medications, in conjunction with various Panchakarma procedures, produce good results in slip disc or bulged disc.

A slipped, ruptured, or bulging disc is another name for a herniated disc. It is one of the most prevalent causes of discomfort in the neck, back, and legs. Herniated discs usually heal on their own or with easy home-care procedures.

The ayurvedic therapies like abhayanga swedam, nasyam, patra potala swedam, choorna pinda swedam, pizhichil, shirodhara, kadeevasthya, greevavsthy, vasti, etc. are very effective in the condition of disc bulge.

Applying heat and/or cold treatment to the lower back can help relieve muscular tension caused by a lumbar herniated disc. Heat relaxes the muscles that trigger spasms, promotes blood flow, and improves connective tissue flexibility.

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