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STEP 1 – Registration process

1. You have to pay the consultation charges and obtain the Medical form depending on the speciality or general case
2. The Medical form has to be filled up you and handed over to the duty doctor in charge

STEP 2 – Consultation with your Doctor

Your first 30- 40 minutes of consultation with your doctor comprises of a detailed personal interrogation, and recording of the health status both current and past. The individual constitution of the patient is also assessed.

STEP 3 – Diagnosis and assessment

The diagnosis of the state of health and that of the disease state is arrived at during this personal discussion. Interrogation is always logical and understand deeper damages if any. A physical examination if felt necessary and a thorough clinical laboratory testing / other diagnostic procedures as deemed fit.

STEP 4 – Medical advises

Based on the diagnosis, a course of treatment plan is chalked out in consultation with the patient.
The medical intervention would comprise of one or more of the following;

Advice on diet & lifestyle modifications

* Counseling & stress management
* Prescription for Ayurvedic medicines
* Prescription for Yoga / Physiotherapy / Fitness sessions
* Occupational therapy / Speech therapy / intervention for learning disabilities
* Ayurvedic therapy sessions
* Admission for residential program integrating all the above as per the condition of the patient

STEP 5 – Counselor meeting

Based on the doctor’s diagnosis and advises, the treatment plan will be explained to you in detail by the duty doctor, once the payment formalities for the advised treatment is completed.