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At Elite Ayurveda we have also provide residential or in-patient treatment facilities. The patients can undergo high quality treatment which are supervised and monitored by our team of expert doctors.

A typical day at the in-patient section would start with:

6:00 AM - Yoga sessions
7:00 AM - Fresh herbal medicines
7:30 AM - An Ayurvedic therapy

And the day ending with:

5:00 PM - Yoga sessions
5:30 PM - Fresh herbal medicines
6:00 PM - An Ayurvedic therapy

The day’s activities are inclusive of advised south Indian diet breakfast, lunch and dinner, rest hours, herbal teas, recreations or games etc.

The treating doctors will meet you once in your rooms as per schedule. And their assistant physicians would visit you once or twice a day to ensure that all developments with regard to your health are observed, recorded and passed on to your treating doctors for further decision and action. They are also available round the clock and may be contacted any time you need their assistance.

Accommodation & Facilities

Patients who need to get admitted can choose from a range of accommodation options. All patient rooms can accommodate a by-stander in the same room.

An advance of at least 50% of the estimated cost of the residential treatment charges is collected at the time of booking and the rest of the billing is done on a daily basis. You shall be asked to remit further sum of money if the total billing is about to exceed the advance paid. Payments can be made by cash, bank transfer or through debit/ credit cards.

Visiting Hours

Your friends or relatives may visit you during the day between 2.00 PM and 4.00 PM but none other than one by-stander is allowed to stay in the room.