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Our reputation for outstanding clinical care and friendly atmosphere, together with a continuous patient success stories, ensures we attract leading consultants and specialists to work with us. We work with great team of the most experienced consultants and healthcare specialists.

We are a pioneering new generation Ayurveda hospitals, dedicated to applying Ayurveda to solve modern health problems. We offer Ayurveda as the best course of treatment line where other systems of medicine fail. Our continuing endeavour is to find ways to make Ayurveda relevant and accessible in today’s world. To this end, we partner with modern medical practitioners, finding synergistic ways of functioning that draw on the best of what Ayurveda can offer.

Many of our consultant doctors are recognised as leaders in their field. They are granted the right to practice at Elite Ayurveda Services on the basis of meeting exacting criteria, overseen by our Medical Advisory Team. Whilst practising at our facilities, our consultants agree to comply with our Clinical Governance programme which regulates patient care.

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