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Welcome to Elite Ayurveda Multi Speciality Hospital, Bangalore! Making life better!

We look forward to serve you. To help us serve you better, we recommend the following

Please send us a detailed enquiry for the type of service you are looking forward to. If you want to get treated for any ailment we request you to kindly contact us by first filling up the Medical form. You have to attach all the necessary information like medical summary, medical reports (blood reports, X Rays, MRI or other histopathological reports etc) to the Medical form. This will help us to arrive at a diagnosis. Even if it’s a diagnosed medical problem we need to you follow this. Once we receive your Medical form, we will study your health problems properly, and then accordingly assist you plan about the treatments required for you.

Kindly check out the kind of climate in Bangalore while you plan your visit. We have from windy to summer. Cotton clothes are most comfortable. The cuisine served is Vegetarian. Patient food is specially prepared at our facility and will have less salt and will not be very spicy or oily.

Analysis of the patient

We take different criteria as described in the Ayurvedic classics into consideration, for the analysis of the diseased person before the treatment is planned.

This detailed analysis helps in the proper design and planning of treatment. Physicians at Elite Ayurveda incorporate these criteria while planning the treatments.

Customized approach

Realizing that each individual is unique, the treatment plan for each patient is customized, based on his/ her unique set of requirements. This is ascertained after a detailed discussion with the team of doctors.

Medical intervention

Based on the diagnosis, a course of treatment plan is chalked out in consultation with the patient. The medical intervention would comprise of one or more of the following:

* Advice on diet & lifestyle modifications
* Counseling & stress management
* Prescription for Ayurvedic medicines
* Prescription for Yoga / Physiotherapy / Fitness sessions
* Occupational therapy / Speech therapy / intervention for learning disabilities
* Ayurvedic therapy sessions
* Admission for residential program integrating all the above as per the condition of the patient

Dietary advice

Ayurvedic treatment is not complete unless complemented by proper diet advices. At Elite Ayurveda, the best diet plan depending on the disease condition with respect to the medications advices are clearly explained to the patients.

Life style management

Advice on lifestyle modifications forms an integral part of a holistic treatment approach at Elite Ayurveda. The doctors will help the patients in planning their daily regime, taking into consideration various seasons, by making mild modifications in their daily activities.

Ayurvedic therapies

Specific ayurvedic therapies depending on the disease condition are administered for different durations, with different medicines for different purposes. They are offered both on a day-care basis and for residential-patients.