00 Anti PCOS Treatment


This is an exclusive combination of herbal Ayurvedic internal & external treatments, which will address the control of PCOS by application of specific herbs as advised by our panel of experts.

Our approach
We consider every patient of ours is important. Every medical condition is treated carefully and to the best. Each member of our medical team has undergone extensive training in treating PCOS. We use in house herbal formulations which are chemical- free, hence assuring the safety for usage. The effect remains for a longer duration, and we assure you the best PCOS care. Our experts will personally oversee the medical care of every individual to get the desired result. Our motto is to provide services that are effective, harmless & long lasting.

  • We take pride in providing Award Winning Ayurveda services and treatments
  • Our treatments are time tested and refined through years of experience
  • The treatments are 100% natural, herbal and are in-house formulations
  • Patient testimonials are a proof to our value added services

PCOS under control in 3 – 6 cycles*
Overall reduction in cysts
Prevents further recurrence
Zero side effects

Anti PCOS herbal therapies
Anti PCOS diet & lifestyle advices
Ovary rejuvenative herbal medications
Regular follow ups and assessment

Treatment include

Case study Herbal medicines Herbal applications
Regular assessment Ovary rejuvenative medicines Lifestyle plan
PCOS care tips Self assessment chart Milestone analysis

Benefits of treatment

Visible results as early as 3 - 6 cycles Prevents further complications
Overall reduction in PCOS Control on extra hair growth
Healthier routine Zero side effects
Decreased discomfort Reduction in weight

Evaluate yourself
If you are experiencing mild to severe PCOS, it’s better to evaluate yourself and check with our treatment course details:

MILD Irregular & abnormal periods with no other underlying medical conditions. 3 – 6 months
MODERATE Irregular & abnormal periods with other underlying medical conditions. 6 – 9 months
SEVERE Irregular & abnormal periods, abnormal weight gain, excess facial hairs, hair loss etc with other underlying medical conditions. 9 – 12 months

Treatment Success rate

We have observed success rate of more than 96% in our treated patients.

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PCOS disease treatment reviews

“I started the SowCystC treatment in early November after reading about you on the Internet and by the end of December I was pregnant. I am just thrilled I have been so lucky and don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t discovered you and I want to thank you all very much for helping me achieve my wish.”

Disha Jain, Bangalore

*Results may vary from case to case .

“Overall my exp with the clinic and has been very good. I highly recommend this place for PCOS treatment. They are pleasant and professional. The staff are well trained. The kashayams were not so bad as expected. I have started liking the taste. I am happy with the results.”

Swetha, Bangalore

*Results may vary from case to case .

“I am doing fabulous. I have lost 5 Kgs and I don’t have the cravings for carbs. My periods are normal again and no more gaining 2-3 Kgs every month. No more severe mood swings. I’ve cut my diabetes meds in half and the handfuls of hair aren’t coming out anymore. This is an awesome program!”

Nikitha Harish, Mysore

*Results may vary from case to case .