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Leucorrhoea is a condition in which females tend to have white, yellowish or greenish discharge from vagina, and may be a sign of an infection. This discharge originates from vagina, ovaries, fallopian tubes or cervix. When leucorrhoea is a sign of infection, the symptoms may be- yellowish or greenish discharge, offensive odour, itching, irritation, pain in abdomen or tissue inflammation. Other times, leucorrhoea is caused during onset of menses or during pregnancy. Abnormal leucorrhoea is caused due to infections by bacteria, yeast or micro-organisms. It can also be caused due to sexual intercourse that includes viral/bacterial infections like gonorrhea or chlamydia.
‘Shweta Pradara’ is the term for leucorrhoea in ayurvedic texts. It suggests that leucorrhoea is caused due to imbalance in Kapha dosha, which impairs Rasa dhatu (nutrient plasma) that is present in the vaginal tract and leads to a painless whitish discharge. Due to vitiation of Kapha dosha and suppression of urges of vomiting and breathing, Vayu also gets aggravated. This further takes Kapha to lodge in sites of Apanvarta in hips, bladder, thighs, vagina, etc. Due to this imbalance, the ability of the body to withstand the strength is lost via the vaginal route.
Thus, to pacify the condition of leucorrhoea, ayurveda suggests purification therapies like nabhivarti, nabhilepan, yonidhavan, dhupana and pichu. This targets the vitiated doshas in the vaginal region and helps to clear out the effects of aggravated Kapha dosha. Further, ayurveda also suggests intake of medications like ashokarishta, chandanasava, pushyanuga churna, bola parpati, etc. that helps in the condition and also establish balance between doshas. This line of treatment for leucorrhoea is completely natural and helps in the long run without symptoms.

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  1. Physiological: This condition occurs naturally due to secretion of vagina and often occurs due to hormonal changes. It is usually seen in women who are sexually aroused, early stages of pregnancy, and is the sign of puberty in girls.
  1. Pathological: This is due to condition and the vaginal discharge is of varied colors like yellowish or greenish. It is also accompanied with a foul smell and needs medical attention. Some of the conditions related to pathological leucorrhoea can be noted as follows:

Cervicitis: The most prevalent symptom of this illness is lower back pain. It will be accompanied by cervical irritation caused by sexually transmitted illnesses or an allergy to intrauterine devices used for contraception or any other type of contraception.

Candida infection of the vaginal yeast - also known as candidiasis - is frequent among diabetic women, as well as those who use antibiotics or contraceptive pills. Changes in vaginal pH are linked to the relevant component. This can also be caused by improper hygiene.

Trichomonas vaginitis is commonly referred to as Trichomoniasis. It is characterized by a frothy yellow discharge and an itchy feeling. Sexually transmitted diseases and inadequate hygiene are the root reasons. Symptoms appear three to twenty-eight days following the infection.

Causes of leucorrhoea:

  1. Unprotected sexual intercourse
  2. Nutritional deficiency
  3. Poor hygiene in intimate areas
  4. Injury in cervix
  5. Urinary tract infection
  6. Bacterial or fungal infections
  7. Anemia
  8. Diabetes
  9. Use of contraceptive devices


Kapha Dosha may be aggravated by the causative causes (particularly diet). This elevated Kapha, combined with other conditions, might disrupt the Rasa Dhatu (nutrient plasma) in the vaginal system, resulting in the painless emission of white colored fluid.
The goal of Ayurvedic Leucorrhoea therapy is to re-establish the body's gastro-enteric fire in order to eliminate toxins and restore Kapha equilibrium. The reproductive system is then toned using rejuvenating medicines.

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