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Online Consultation Disclaimer

Disclaimer: Tele-Video Consult (or) Online Consultation

  • Elite Ayurveda is offering Tele or Video consults where patients are not being able to reach the clinic.
  • A Tele or Video consult can never be compared to a normal in-clinic consult where the doctor is able to physically examine the patient.
  • You are advised to come to the clinic for consults whenever you are in a position for the same. If the consult cannot wait, then only you should opt for a Tele or Video consult.
  • You are advised to confirm the diagnosis, get a prescription and start with your advised treatment plan. Whenever you are able to come to the clinic for a physical consult, please do. In case your symptoms/condition does not improve, immediately reach out to us or visit the nearest hospital.
  • By accepting Tele or Video consultation, you agree and accept that the consultants/doctors and all personnel directly or indirectly involved with any part of the Tele or Video consult set up shall not be held responsible in the unlikely event of an error in diagnosis or management due to the occurrence of sub optimal technical conditions. While every attempt will be made to ensure ideal conditions, unforeseen situations may occur.
  • Elite Ayurveda and/or its doctors shall not be responsible for complete accuracy of Tele or Video consultation, limited in its scope as it is, with no physical examination of the patient being possible. While every attempt will be made to ensure comprehensiveness of the consultation, unforeseen situations may arise. Your accepting Tele or Video consultation will be taken as your consent for a Tele or Video consult with its ingrained limitations.

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