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Alien hand syndrome is also known as Dr. Strangelove syndrome. In this the person has no control over the activities of limbs which act seemingly on their own. This condition mostly affects the left hand and the person may sometimes reach out for objects and manipulate them without wanting to do so. This is most commonly seen in patients who have undergone a surgery to separate two hemispheres of the brain, a procedure to relieve the symptoms of epilepsy, epileptic psychosis, etc. It mostly occurs after degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, brain surgery, tumor, etc.
According to Ayurveda, alien hand syndrome is caused due to vitiation of Vata dosha. When Vata is accumulated in the body, it hinders the passage of neurons that sends messages about what to do and what not, and the action over activities performed is lost.
The treatment for alien hand syndrome in Ayurveda suggests restoring the neural path of voluntary actions of hands. This is done by first, eliminating toxins and balancing the vitiated doshas via panchakarma procedures. Further, intake of herbal medications is suggested to balance the vitiated doshas and also nourish the neural pathways. The rejuvenation therapy is also performed to enhance the activity of neurons and also syncing the voluntary actions of hands.

Alien Hand Syndrome Treatment, Naturally

Symptoms / Types

  1. Diagnostic dyspraxia/ inter- manual conflict: This is a condition in which one hand performs actions opposite to the other hand.
  2. Alien hand sign: This is a condition in which a person feels that one hand is not performing required actions.
  3. Syndrome of anarchic hand: This is a condition in which one hand of a person performs goal-directed activity which is not by will of the person.
  4. Supernumerary hand: This is the condition in which a person feels that he is having an extra limb.
  5. Levitating hand: This is the condition in which the affected limb tends to levitate without volitional action.


  1. People may develop this condition after a stroke, trauma, or tumor
  2. In some cases it may be associated with cancer, neuro-degenerative diseases and brain aneurysms.
  3. It may be manifested after the separation surgery of two hemispheres of the brain. In this case, the corpus callosum that allows the communication between two brains is damaged.
  4. People with alien hand syndrome are also found to have lesions in anterior cingulate cortex, posterior parietal cortex and supplementary motor cortex.
  5. People who have isolated contralateral primary motor areas are also prone to have alien hand syndrome.


There is no treatment for this condition in modern medicine, but in Ayurveda with its wisdom, it is possible to pacify some of the symptoms and help in controlling the hand. The line of treatment associated with alien hand syndrome can be noted as below:

  1. Nidana parivarjana – Any type of infection, head injury, environmental toxins, drugs, etc. should be avoided.
  2. Shodhana chikitsa - This is a bio-cleansing therapy that is followed by shaman chikitsa.
  3. Snehana – this involves gentle massage with medicated oils to restore the connections.
  4. Sarvanga sveda – it is simply known as steam bath to eliminate toxins
  5. Matra vasti - which involves massage with sahacharadi taila
  6. Shirodhara – with medicated liquids or oils

Along with this, drugs are provided that help in restoring the connection. The vitiated doshas are also balanced during the treatment which is accompanied with yoga practices that will help in regaining the control over the hand.

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Alien Hand Syndrome Treatment, Naturally

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