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Raynaud’s phenomenon refers to a condition in which the blood vessels in extremities are narrowed and restrict the blood flow. In this condition, the episodes of attacks affect the fingers and toes. These attacks are triggered from cold conditions and emotional stress. The mechanism of these is attack- during attacks, the small blood vessels in the fingers and toes are constricted in response to temperature of stress and freezes that part.
‘Siragata Vata’ is the term in Ayurveda for Raynaud’s phenomenon. There is blockage in channels within the body known as siras (veins and venules). This blockage leads to suptata (numbness) and stabdhata (stiffness) which is followed by dourbalya (debility) and kashya (emaciation). This may lead to decrease in functioning of hands and legs in the long run.
The treatment for Raynaud’s phenomenon in Ayurveda serves its purpose for reversing the condition in a natural way. Raktamokshana is the treatment given in which leeches are used. Further, seka of decoctions is done over the affected area, which helps in restoring the blood circulation. Abhyanga also helps with this condition. Moreover, to pacify the effects of Pitta and Vata dosha, proper diet plan and yoga asanas are suggested. This entire line of treatment helps in reversing Raynaud's phenomenon effectively.

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Types of Raynaud’s phenomenon:

  1. Primary Raynaud’s: It is commonly called ad Raynaud’s disease which does not need any medical attention and gets cured by itself.
  2. Secondary Raynaud’s: This is commonly called Raynaud's phenomenon and serves as an underlying cause. It is more serious than primary one. The causes of secondary Raynaud’s can be connective tissue disease, disease of arteries, carpal tunnel syndrome, smoking, repetitive action or vibration, injuries on feet are hands and certain medical conditions.

Risk factors associated with Raynaud’s phenomenon:

  1. Family history: Any first degree affection with Raynaud’s phenomenon is at risk.
  2. Climate: This phenomenon is observed in people living in cold areas.
  3. Associated diseases: If a person is having diseases like lupus or scleroderma, is at risk of developing Raynaud’s.
  4. Certain occupations: The occupations involving repetitive trauma are at risk of developing Raynaud’s.
  5. Exposure to harmful substances: Substances like smoke, taking medications that alter blood vessels or being exposed to chemicals are at risk of developing Raynaud’s phenomenon.

Raynaud’s phenomenon in Ayurveda:

The three doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha circulate all over the body and due to the subtle nature of Vata dosha, it impels the both doshas. The aggravation of Vata dosha provokes the other two doshas, exacerbates and fills up the empty channels in the body by greatly moving into them. This aggravated Vata dosha in blood vessels induces cold sensitivity and the reason is the obstructed blood flow.

Treatment of Raynaud’s phenomenon:

There are two lines of treatment for Raynaud’s phenomenon in Ayurveda:

  1. Samana Chikitsa: This involves procedures like Maharasnadi kashyam, Sanjivani vati, Chitrakadi gutika, Ashta churnam, Panchakola churna, Hinguvachadi churnam, and Balarishtam.
  2. Shodhana Chikitsa: This involves procedures like Vasthi, abhayangam, sevadana, lepana, and upanaha.

The entire line of treatment is based on detoxification of the body at cellular level and balancing the vitiated doshas. The blocked channels of blood vessels are loosen up and cleared by using cleansing procedure and help of some internal herbal medications. 

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