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Facet Arthropathy (FA) is an arthritic disorder that causes pain in the facet joints. These joints allow for spine bending, twisting, and alignment. Between the vertebrae and the facet joints, the spinal nerves exit the spinal cord. The vertebra sits on a spongy confined disc in the front, and each of the two facet joints in the back rests over the facet joint below it. The spinal disc and the facet joints in a healthy spine support each other for healthy and safe mobility.
Facet arthropathy is frequently accompanied with chronic low back pain. Potential causes of low back pain include problems in the ligaments that connect the muscles to the spinal discs, compression or pinching of the spinal cord roots, issues in protective covering of the spinal cord, muscular disorders of the lower spine, and facet joints.

In Ayurveda, the mode of treatment of Facet Arthropathy is to balance the vitiated dosha and eliminate the toxins accumulated in the channels. The treatment may include detoxification by various panchakarma procedures, abhyanga massage, herbal pottali massage, purgation and mild herbal enema along with classic ayurveda herbal medications. These procedures help in relieving pain and reversing the symptoms of Facet Arthropathy.
At EliteAyurveda, our team of specialists provides effective Ayurvedic treatment through the full spectrum of Ayurvedic remedies and therapies. Incorporating Ayurvedic therapy and yoga also contributes to the holistic rehabilitation of patients suffering from disc prolapse.
EliteAyurveda's treatment provides a distinct advantage to its patients. These treatments help patients avoid surgery, are natural and holistic, and are safe and effective for the patient. In addition, a patient can avoid a recurrence of the condition through these treatments. Innumerable patients have been completely cured as a result of our extensive experience in providing individualised treatment approaches.

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Facet joint arthropathy Ayurvedic treatment

Rasyana Treatment for Facet Joint -The major goal of Ayurvedic treatment for facet joint arthropathy is to regulate the ageing process. And when these joints are weight-bearing, such as the lumbar spine, they are more vulnerable to the effects of ageing. We use specifically produced medicines for Rasayana, and in some cases, we go for Panchakarma.

Facet Arthropathy Panchakarma - Panchakarma cleanses the body of deep poisons. These are the cellular poisons that hasten the ageing process. Furthermore, in the case of joint disorders involving Majja Dhatu, Panchakarma is always the first line of treatment.

Yoga Asanas: These yoga asanas are part of the ayurvedic treatment for facet joint arthropathy since we need to relieve the lumbar vertebrae of excessive pressure. When pressure is not distributed adequately on the lumbar spine, it causes deterioration of the facet joints. The control of pressure on the spine becomes easier with proper posture.

Thus, when treating facet joint arthropathy, the therapy method varies greatly. However, when it comes to treating facet joint arthropathy in conjunction with other conditions, we create a personalised treatment plan. In this form of treatment, we consider both your Prakruti and your Nadi(pulse).

What is a Facet joint?

The vertebrae have a special sort of joint known as a Facet Joint. Unlike cartilaginous joints and the fibrous joints we have discussed, the facet joints do not include a hollow. Now, let's take a quick look at the functional differences between these three types of joints. To illustrate, consider the difference in pain felt by someone whose neck bone has just synovial joints and someone whose neck bone also has fibrous joints after an unintentional head fall. This is due to the fact that motion within a synovial joint is smooth and fluid, for a free range of motion of the head. However, cartilaginous and fibrous joints do not permit such mobility and instead produce resistance, leading to discomfort.

Facetal arthropathy

If we only consider the human spine/vertebral column, there are 33 bones that comprise five regions: seven cervical, twelve thoracic, five lumbar, and four sacral. Only one region (region number 1) has sixteen bones, namely the cervical vertebrae; the other four regions have twelve bones each, with the exception of the sacral, which has five bones.
If we consider the lumbar region, it is evident that it has five vertebrae on its posterior side, with two more of these structures forming the sacral region, where an additional bone called the 'ilium' is present, but another structure, the sacrum, is formed by the fusion of these five bones during human development.

Facet Joint Arthropathy or Facetal Arthropathy Symptoms

When this condition produces back discomfort, but it can also cause leg pain, Ayurvedic treatment for facet joint arthropathy or Ayurveda treatment for facetal arthropathy is essential. In Ayurvedic treatment for facet joint arthropathy, both symptoms are frequent.

The following are the primary symptoms of this condition:

Lower back pain is exacerbated by twisting, standing, or bending backward.
The source of the pain is in the spine.
Most patients can specify the source of their pain, such as affected region in body
Facetal arthropathy pain is described as a dull discomfort on one or both sides of the lower back.

Because the facet joint is placed opposite the disc or spinal nerves. In the event of facet joint disorders, we can relieve pain by bending forward. In contrast, similar movements aggravate discomfort in spinal disc issues. This is the simplest technique to determine the source of discomfort.

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