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A slip disc is an intervertebral disc that has lost its normal structure and/or consistency. When the disc's soft interior material (nucleus pulposus) bulges or leaks out of its external fibrous covering (annulus fibrosus), the disc's shape is altered. A slipped disc may also be referred to as a herniated, ruptured, torn, bulging, or protruding disc.
A slip disc is a herniated spinal disc that stiffens the muscles of the lower back due to pressure on an adjacent nerve. The spinal discs are impact absorbers in the spine that hold the vertebrae of the spine together. A spinal disc fracture can cause injury to the spinal column.

Your intervertebral discs act as shock absorbers and help evenly distribute burdens. The entire motion segment, including the adjacent vertebrae, connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerves, may be affected by a herniated disc. The lower back is the most common location for herniated discs, followed by the neck.
Ayurveda does not recommend the use of painkillers to treat degenerative disc-related pain. Here, the primary goal of ayurvedic treatment is to restore balance to the aggravated doshas. Because, according to Ayurveda, these doshas cause spinal disc issues. When we balance the doshas, things begin to return to normal.
At EliteAyurveda, our team of specialists provides effective Ayurvedic treatment through the full spectrum of Ayurvedic remedies and therapies. Incorporating Ayurvedic therapy and yoga also contributes to the holistic rehabilitation of patients.
EliteAyurveda's treatment provides a distinct advantage to its patients. These treatments help patients avoid surgery, are natural and holistic, and are safe and effective for the patient. In addition, a patient can avoid a recurrence of the condition through these treatments. Innumerable patients have been completely cured as a result of our extensive experience in providing individualised treatment approaches.

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Every person is unique, hence treatment for the person’s disease must be unique too.
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“The ayurvedic approach of disease looks for the root cause and not merely the symptoms. The basic principles of Ayurveda consider an individual human a specific identity and hence his treatment giving importance to the treatment of the patient rather than the treatment of the disease.”

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Understand how we can help you with Slip Disc

How a slip disc develops

Age-related disc degeneration, which causes the nucleus pulposus to become less hydrated and weaker.

Disc trauma may result from lifting a large load with improper posture or from external forces, such as a whiplash injury.

Infrequently, disorders of the spinal connective tissue or alterations in the shape of the spinal vertebrae, such as short pedicles, can produce a slip disc.

Types of pain caused by a slip disc

A slip disc can produce pain in the local area, such as the neck or back, or in distant areas, such as the arm and/or leg.

Some slipped discs may not be painful. It is conceivable for a slip disc to be asymptomatic and/or resolve spontaneously without treatment. 

Nerve pain

Herniation typically occurs on the side and rear of the disc, where the annulus fibrosis is thinner.
In addition to its proximity to the spinal nerve roots, this portion of the disc can cause:

Depending on the site of compression, mechanical compression of these nerve roots may cause nerve pain and/or weakness in your arm or limb.

The release of inflammatory substances from the nucleus pulposus causes chemical irritation of the nerve roots.

Compression of the spinal cord may occur if a disc herniation is severe.

Chronic localised pain
A herniated disc can result in chronic, localised pain, such as lower back pain or neck pain. This discomfort is also known as discogenic pain.

Motion segment instability
A degenerative disc herniation may cause instability in a spinal motion segment, leading to pain and abnormally increased or decreased mobility.

Ayurveda for Slip Disc

Ayurvedic Medications for Disc Herniation

Ayurveda does not recommend the use of painkillers to treat degenerative disc-related pain. Here, the primary goal of ayurvedic treatment is to restore balance to the aggravated doshas. Because, according to Ayurveda, these doshas cause spinal disc issues. When we balance the doshas, things begin to return to normal.

Panchakarma Treatment for herniated disc

Panchakarma treatment is an excellent alternative to surgery for a slip disc. It is the ultimate therapeutic experience and is designed to revitalise the body. The treatment consists of Virechana, Basti, Kati basti, Pottali, Swedana, and Dhanyamla dhara, amongst others. These therapies aid in muscle relaxation by increasing blood circulation. It is an effective treatment for prolapsed disc.

Therapeutic Yoga Positions

After Panchkarma therapy, we administer yoga therapy for total healing. Yoga treatment is highly effective and a wonderful alternative to medication. These yoga asanas are an excellent method to eliminate slipped disc issues. We have yoga instructors who instruct patients in various asanas and other relaxation poses. The poses are performed entirely under our supervision for multiple days.

Our approach

There are numerous factors that contribute to disc issues. This could be your digestive system, your hormonal system, or in many situations, the patient's stress level, which influences the condition and treatment of disc in ayurveda. We primarily focus on the following areas.-

Diet and Eating Habits, as well as Slip Disc

Lifestyle correction

Digestive system 

The relationship between stress and slip disc

Doshas that are involved in the spinal disc issue process.

Advantages of non-surgical Ayurveda care for Slip Disc

The treatment brings harmony and equilibrium to the spinal column.

The Panchakarma treatment is extremely beneficial for nourishing the bones and tissues. It reduces inflammation and promotes faster recovery of the slip disc.

Ayurvedic treatment, unlike surgical procedures, purifies the body and restores its equilibrium, thereby promoting prosperity and good health.

Panchakarma calms the psyche and body.

Our Herbal Medicines along with yoga and Panchakarma can strengthen the affected region and prevent further disorder.

The panchakarma techniques are highly effective for rheumatism, sciatica, backaches, detoxification, and immune system restoration.

Yoga is an effective pain treatment. Ayurvedic treatment is an excellent option for prolapsed disc issues.

We not only treat the patient's condition, but also addresses the underlying cause of the problem.

A bulging disc can be effectively treated with Ayurvedic medicine. Contrary to this, surgical treatment does not guarantee the recurrence of spinal disc injury.

According to studies, patients who opted for non-surgical treatments endured a protracted procedure but obtained exceptional results.

Non-surgical treatment for slip disc typically provides relief within one to two months for the majority of patients.

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