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Canal Stenosis is the obstruction of the canal through which neural tissues of the spine migrate. The term canal refers to a porous passageway, whereas stenosis refers to an obstruction of the passageway.

The passage that provides space for the neural tissue of the spine (spinal cord) and its branches (nerve roots) is known as the spinal canal.
The vertebrae, which comprise the spine, are hollow on the back. When these vertebrae are positioned on top of one another. These comprise a structure resembling a canal. The term for this is Central Spinal Canal. This is vertically positioned in the body.
Through a canal, nerve roots emanate from the sides of this canal. This structure is a lateral canal or recess. These are horizontal passages.
Spinal canal stenosis refers to the constriction of this canal passageway.
Ayurveda does not recommend the use of painkillers to treat degenerative disc-related pain. Here, the primary goal of ayurvedic treatment is to restore balance to the aggravated doshas. Because, according to Ayurveda, these doshas cause spinal disc issues. When we balance the doshas, things begin to return to normal.
At EliteAyurveda, our team of specialists provides effective Ayurvedic treatment through the full spectrum of Ayurvedic remedies and therapies. Incorporating Ayurvedic therapy and yoga also contributes to the holistic rehabilitation of patients suffering from the condition.
EliteAyurveda's treatment provides a distinct advantage to its patients. These treatments help patients avoid surgery, are natural and holistic, and are safe and effective for the patient. In addition, a patient can avoid a recurrence of the condition through these treatments. Innumerable patients have been completely cured as a result of our extensive experience in providing individualised treatment approaches.

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Understand how we can help you with Spinal Stenosis

How a Spinal Stenosis develops

There are several causes for canal obstruction. These may be both external and internal causes.

Spinal Disc bulge. In between the vertebrae at each level of the spine are discs. These discs are designed to preserve the mobility of neural tissue and to provide tissue protection. When a disc bulges due to pressure and occupies the canal. This condition is the most prevalent.

Osteoarthritic Changes in the vertebrae. The human organism experiences normal wear and tear. When wear and strain results in osteophytes, these osteophytes occupy the spinal canal. This causes issues with the spinal canal. Typically, this is associated with spondylitis.

Tumors. Some growths can form between the bony passage and spinal cord, resulting in stenosis.

Intensification of the Ligament. This occurrence is caused by the strain on the ligament caused by the disc bulge or herniation. In addition, calcium deposition can ossify the PLL (Posterior longitudinal ligament) or ALL (Anterior longitudinal ligament) and cause stenosis. This is most prevalent in the cervical region.

Cracks in the vertebrae. Accidentally, bone tissue can fall into the canal and obstruct it.

Manifestations of Canal Stenosis

The symptoms of spinal stenosis vary depending on the location of the spinal canal stenosis.

Stenosis symptoms are not much unique.

These symptoms resemble those of a herniated or bulging disc. However, their essence is always aggressive. For example, a normal disc protrusion induces pain. When the same disc herniates and causes canal stenosis, the pain will be excruciating.

In the instance of L5-S1 canal stenosis, the discomfort will resemble sciatica. Alternatively, presume that there is a problem with the C5-C6 cervical disc; in this case, all symptoms will be associated with a cervical issue.

Due to spinal canal stenosis, numbness and other impairments can also occur. Therefore, this condition of stenosis requires immediate treatment.


Lumbar Canal Stenosis

Radiation of pain in lower leg from hip to the foot. Pain like Sciatica.

Numbness can affect the whole lower limb and can cause mobility problems 

Incontinence of urine and stool

Lower back ache.

Cervical Canal Stenosis

Radiation of Pain in upper arm, shoulders, neck and head.

Numbness in upper and lower limbs.

Heaviness in body

Imbalance while walking

Distended abdomen and incontinence of urine and stool in severe cases.

Ayurveda perspective on canal stenosis.

There are two Ayurvedic schools of thought, associated with the condition of Canal Stenosis.

“Khavaigunyad”. This is a pathological occurrence according to Ayurveda. "Kha" stands for Aakash Mahabhoota. Which makes room for Vata Dosha. The eradication of space is known as Khavaigunyad. The same occurs in the vacant space of the spine when this disease is present. Consequently, we can work on this disease in light of this concept.

Sroto-Dushti. According to Ayurveda, the human organism is a network of channels. When any of these channels are interrupted, the body experiences various difficulties.

According to Ayurveda, such a condition does not exist. Because the spinal canal lacks internal detail. Everything is consistent with the indications and symptoms. "Vata Vyadhi" encompasses every symptom of canal stenosis. Therefore, Ayurveda treats this condition in the same manner.

Ayurvedic Treatment Without Surgery for Spinal Stenosis

The initial step is Ayurvedic Diagnosis. We must determine which of the Doshas is responsible for whatever symptoms are manifesting in these patients. Asthi, Majja, and Mamasa are the three dhatus on which we primarily focus. In the event of stenosis of the neural canal, we are also aware that complications may arise if we apply incorrect pressure or if our movements during yoga are not precise.

The plan for non-surgical ayurvedic treatment of canal stenosis begins with Panchakarma and Ayurvedic medicines. Based on Ayurvedic texts, we manufacture and process proprietary medications in-house. Doshas implicated in canal stenosis are the most important aspect after determining the cause and dhatus involvement. According to Ayurveda, no disease can arise without the aggravation or disruption of the Doshas. Even in the case of canal stenosis, this holds true. Even in instances of injury, there will inevitably be some aggravation of the Dosha.

In the initial phase of non-surgical ayurvedic treatment for canal stenosis, the Doshas are considered in the selection of ayurvedic medicines. In the second phase, we implement yoga in order to return the disc to its original location.

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