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Food is fuel for the body, and the stomach is one of the most important organs for your overall health and happiness. An efficient gastroenteric system produces healthy tissues (Dhatus), which contributes to the formation of Ojas—the essence of immunity & good health.

In Ayurveda, weak digestion is known as Agnimandya—meaning weaked gastroenteric fire, which cannot convert rasa (nutrients) to life-sustaining Ojas. In addition to being the causative factor in several diseases, weak digestion is a health problem in itself. Treatment of gastroenteric problems at EliteAyurveda is effective because it identifies the root-cause first, and then treats it with 100% customized medicines, along with special diet and lifestyle plans that are designed to complete your treatment.

Over 22 million people suffer from gastroenteric problems worldwide.

Elite Ayurveda is the most trusted name in Authentic Ayurvedic treatment for gastroenteric disorders with over 34,657 successful treatments, and counting!

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