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Ayurveda describes three qualities of the mind – Sattva (purity), Rajas (arrogance) and Tamas (darkness). Psychological or emotional imbalance and diseases are caused when Rajas or Tamas psychological disorders are caused. The negative thoughts block the flow of energy and creates mental ama. Timely treatment helps in eliminating the impurities and restoring Sattva in the mind. Depression, stress, neurosis, insomnia, anxiety are common problems that hint at a more serious underlying root-cause. Ignoring these problems can later become serious ManasRoga—psychological disorders. In addition to personalized medicines, Ayurveda treatment focuses on special counselling sessions (SatvavjayaChiktsa) which compliment the medicines for better results.

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Millions around the world are troubled by psychological issues such as excessive anger,

Depression, sleep deprivation, neurosis and stress, which lowers the quality of life. EliteAyurveda has healed thousands with special herbal medicines and meditation techniques. Begin your treatment at EliteAyurveda for root-cause treatment.

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