All animals including humans are a form of energy. There is a continuous exchange of the same energy with the external environment. We intake many substances, which are another form of energy. This whole energy system is interlinked with each other. We intake energy, process it, and let it back into the environment outside. The form of energy varies, but it is let out of the body. Thus, we can say that we are closely related to the environment, or we are dependent on the environment. Moreover, nature has its own effect on the body, it’s the constitution and its working. Hence, it becomes quite essential to be in sync with nature, in order to maintain a sync within
the body.

So here comes the concept of Circadian rhythm i.e. Dinacharya, which is mainly focused on syncing our lifestyle with the environment in order to promote a healthy life. As we connect with this rhythm, we shall discover how to use each cycle to assist our energy levels throughout the day. Due to irregular lifestyle habits, there is a decrease in resistance which causes concerns such as fatigue, mood disorders, blood sugar imbalances, sleep disruptions, and other chronic alignments. In order to assist ourselves in moving through life with ease, self-love, and self-respect, it is necessary to honor our rhythm with nature. It’s not just our lifestyle which includes what we eat, products we use, and workouts we do, but the well-being of a human is the cumulative effect of everything we choose to dedicate ourselves and our time to every day and its effect on our regular rhythm, mind, and body connection. Time is the only thing that we can’t buy back. Connecting our daily chorus with the cycles of the day is the motive to live a healthy life. Connecting our body with the external environment means connecting the dosha cycles of the day with the time and also within ourselves.

Day Cycle:

6 am – 10 am : Kapha:

Kapha dosha is made up of earth and water elements. Thus, kapha cycles become heavier and slower which creates resistance to awakening. Hence it is recommended to wake up before the cycle begins. It becomes necessary to create simulations and movement in the body during this time to promote energy for the rest of the day. The breakfast which is to be consumed should be warm to get the digestive fire and metabolism energized for the day.

10 am – 2 pm : Pitta:

Pitta is composed of water and fire elements. It brings in the transformation and metabolism processes of the body. It is recommended to eat the largest meal and get the most intense workloads of the day complete during this time. In this time period, especially at noon 1 p.m. the sun is at the highest level, and in the interior of our body digestion becomes most powerful. If you want to have any cold meals such as salads, smoothies, etc. this time of the day is powerful enough to digest those since the energy of the Sun assists with digestion.

2 pm – 6 pm : Vata:
Vata Dosha is composed of air and ether elements. It promotes creativity, hence, it is recommended to take a walk, get grounded in nature, do some yoga, make a cup of tea when you tend to get restless. It is the best time to get your brain at work, create a to do this for the next day, get your thoughts out and begin winding up for the day during the cycle which is followed by the next kapha cycle. If you tend to fatigue, opt for an energizing snack and hydrate yourself.

Night cycle:

6 pm – 10 pm : Kapha:

Kapha is composed of earth and water elements that tend to be heavy. During this time light dinner is recommended with relaxation and winding down. During this time the digestion process within the body should be complete and the energy starts moving down, slowing down, and preparing for rest. Vigorous exercises should be avoided after 7 p.m. as melatonin naturally increases in the body. In order to maximize the slower energy of Kapha a person should turn it off by 10 p.m. and resist the second time that can be brought on by the following Pitta cycle.

10 pm – 2 am : Pitta:

Pitta is a form of fire within the body and is responsible for transformations and digestion. At this time, the body respires, detoxifies and the mind digests all the emotions of the day. It is recommended to have light foodstuff in later evenings as that might support the cycle and natural detoxification process.

2 am – 6 am : Vata:

It is good to wake up in the late Vata cycle to promote and initiate creative energy and use its light, energetic qualities to move throughout the day before the Kapha cycle begins. It is a powerful time for meditation, prayer, and creativity. It is suggested to opt for the dedication of some time to connect with celestial energy of dawn and the energy of sunrise.

The Ayurvedic Rhythm method is filled with more energy, a deeper sense of connectivity, a stronger immune system, and balanced hormonal conditions. Our body promotes health and longevity if we follow 24 hrs circadian rhythm. It supports natural life and combines this life with the universe and the universe, thus, supporting the life of an individual.