Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a behavioural disorder. Symptoms normally begin to develop in children around 2 years of age. Ayurvedic treatment with therapies aimed at improving brain function, herbs and remedies to enhance attention and mind calmness, along with cognitive behavioral therapy, can be very helpful in ADHD.

Understanding ADHD under the Ayurveda Concept

ADHD is not mentioned as an entity in Ayurveda. However, some irregular behaviour has been recorded in Ayurveda, that could possibly be linked with ADHD.

  • Dhee’s vitiation (rational thinking)
  • Smriti’s (memory)
  • Dhriti (the retaining/intellect force of the mind)

This triggers/causes irregular behavior that leads to improper interaction between the senses and their goals. This results in impulsivity, overactivity, and inattention, which are the distinctive features of ADHD.

It is generally defined that there are two subdoses in the part of Smriti (memory):

  • Sadhaka Pitta (monitors emotions and their effect on the functioning of the heart)
  • Prana Vata (controls the mind, sensory perception, and brain)

As Ayurveda refers to these two ADHD subdoses,

  • Medhya (non-tropical herbs that enhance mental function and balance) and
  • Herbs that pacify Vata are the main lines of treatment.

Vata dosha controls the functions of movement, activity, the process of thought, expression, perception of sense objects, etc. Things experienced by the sense organs should be distinguished between helpful or negative, good or evil, and this is achievable by the smooth functioning of the mind.

In ADHD, the mind of the child is unable to have clear control over these two sets of sense organs, under the influence of the aggravated Vata Dosha. It is also becoming hyperactive. Inattention deficit hyperactivity disorder, there is irregular hyperactivity behavior that may indicate dysfunction in Vata dosha and disturbed mental function. Here, Manovaha strotas are mainly affected, creating blockages in the normal functioning of these channels.

Ayurveda treatment of ADHD

Adhd is the predominant Vata dosha behavioral condition that affects manovaha strotas. As a result, a therapy that corrects the imbalance of the dosha improves and normalizes brain problems with memory, intelligence, focus, learning capacity, speech production, etc. Can prove successful in treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

In addition to psychotherapy, speech therapy, behavioral therapy, etc. The use of ayurvedic treatment methods will accelerate progress. Medicines to improve the digestive system, intellect, and mental state are provided in Ayurveda and panchakarma therapies.

The principle involved in treating ADHD 

Deepana and Pachana

This theory corrects the digestive fire and digests ama. In this way, it corrects the appetite, removes the canal obstructions by eliminating the ama and helps to properly feed all seven tissues.

Strotoshodhan (cleansing the channels) –

Primarily the channels that perform brain functions are affected. The natural flow of doshas is obstructed and causes a loss of attention, learning impairment, impaired memory, etc. Ayurvedic herbs, such as helping to remove obstruction in channels particularly manovahastrotas. Because of its penetrating and digestive properties, it clears the canals by digesting the ama and helps the brain to function normally.

In the below section, you can get answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the best herb for ADHD?
  2. Does Ashwagandha help with ADHD?
  3. What is the best natural remedy for ADHD?


Natural Treatment for ADHD in Children

The best natural remedy for ADHD

1. Ashwagandha

It is the strongest herb used to improve the nervous system. It enhances brain function, improves comprehension and cognitive function. Widely used to reduce tension, anxiety, forgetfulness, sleeplessness, boost physical ability, and as herbal rejuvenation. It’s going to complement Vata Dosha.

2. Brahmi 

It’s a great memory-enhancing Ayurvedic herb. Its antioxidant action helps improve cognitive abilities and improves memory.

Its antioxidant action helps improve cognitive abilities and improves memory.

3. Guduchi 

Improves digestion, relieves ama, enhances immunity, improves cognitive and memory performance relieves anxiety and stress.

4. Shankapushpi

Increases intelligence and memory used in mental illness, anxiety, relieves sleeplessness, depression, improves metabolism, immunity, and physical stamina.

5. Ghee 

Ghee is highly beneficial for memory improvement. Ayurveda suggests that it be included in the regular diet. Daily, including dietary ghee with proper dosage, It helps improve digestion, memory, intelligence, smooth functioning of the sense organs, wisdom, immunity, luster, speech. It feeds and rejuvenates the body of all ages. It’s a compromise between Vata and Pitta dosha.

EffectiveTherapies for ADHD

Panchakarma treatment for ADHD:

Panchakarma treatment for ADHD:

It is commonly used in children to develop voice, memory, and intelligence. ‘Vacha’ indicates ‘talking.’ Rejuvenates the brain and nervous system. It balances the Vata with the Kapha dosha. Helps improve the digestion force. Due to its scraping properties, it eliminates excess Kapha and is thus commonly used in obesity.

1. Abyanga (body oil massage)

Body oil massage is performed in a classical approach that helps alleviate Vata dosha, relaxes the muscles of the body, and soothes the mind.

2. Shirodhara 

A classical technique for pouring medicinal liquids over the head. And is used to treat heat-related illness. It calms your mind, increases your concentration, relieves sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, etc. Vata relieving liquids is more effective for patients with ADHD.

Our Take

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