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Can Bones Regeneration Take Place? Yes, bone can regrow!

Because bones cannot recover, hip replacement is your only option.

This is touted as a legitimate rationale for persuading AVN patients to undergo joint replacement surgery.

But is this true? Is it true that bones cannot regenerate?

That is not the case.

Bones can regrow due to the following factors:

1. Regeneration of Bones

Bone regeneration, or the renewal of bone tissue, is an important process for bone health that can be seen in a variety of settings. In certain situations, bones may be able to regenerate entirely on their own without the need for medical intervention; however, this is highly dependent on the severity and type of injury caused.

Significant fractures caused by trauma or disease are typically difficult to heal without specialised treatment treatments. This is due to the fact that, while bones contain progenitor cells capable of rebuilding tissue, these cells require specific environmental cues to efficiently repopulate injured areas with new cells and restore normal skeletal structure.

2. Mesodermal Derivation

The human body has a three-layered, cylindrical structure. These are the ectoderm (outermost), mesoderm (middle), and endoderm (innermost).

This centre one resembles the wall lizard’s tail. With the ability to regenerate. Progenitor cells and stem cells arise from the same place.

So, when someone promises to implant stem cells into your bone after drilling this. Simply ask, “How will the blood reach the new cells you’re implanting?” Look at the person who was trying to persuade you to use stem cells.

These cells can only turn into others if they are properly fed and contaminants in their environment are removed on time.

3. This is also about bone marrow, not just bone.

Bone is more than simply minerals and calcium.

There are many additional things, such as blood and bone marrow. Bone development is a complex process that necessitates numerous factors. The bone marrow is where the majority of this action occurs. This is why bone marrow edoema develops alongside Avascular necrosis. This is a condition that everyone misses.

These three factors ensure that bone has the ability to regenerate.

There is an opportunity.

And it is not a work of fiction. You can cross-check the words with modern medical science.

I’m not clear why your orthopaedic wants to counsel you on a joint replacement that you should definitely avoid.

The Ayurvedic Method of Bone Regeneration

Because Avasculature is what AVN is all about. The blood supply runs out. Because of the lack of blood, the bone marrow swells in this illness.

This causes a halt in the blood supply to the stem cells responsible for new bone growth.

Cells continue to die, and the cell graveyard begins to stink.

Overall, it is a difficult condition.

Ayurveda describes Vatarakta, a state in which the same condition occurs, resulting in the “decay” of organs. We address the same problem, and the bones mend.


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