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The discovery of an illness in which one of your bones begins to deteriorate is devastating. The prospect of surgical intervention alone is enough to make anyone resort to “anything” and “everything” to avoid the issue. Everyone, of course, hopes to avoid being sick and every kind of operation they can. Everything and anything can convince a person that his actions are appropriate. However, most patients severely destroy their health without even realising it.

Curing AVN using Traction

These days, it seems that everyone has an opinion on how to best treat avascular necrosis. Furthermore, traction is the most diluted and unproven hypothesis. Put on some heft and kick up your heels. The hip AVN may benefit from this.

There was a “JERK” that said using traction on the legs will make the joints better.

What makes you believe saying or believing that is reasonable?

There is no emptiness in a joint. Cartilage plays a role in causing these. The separation won’t grow if you only keep the joints apart. Cartilage is essential for having a clear joint space.

Bone marrow and the blood flow within it are at the heart of the disease known as avascular necrosis. You have the muscle to pull. The bone is rigid and cannot be bent. The pain may subside if you do this. However, alleviating the discomfort won’t help the bone recover.

Raw Food Diet for AVN

Avascular necrosis has nothing to do with being overweight or eating poorly.

This has nothing to do with taking away or adding on.

There is a well-established pathological process at work in avascular necrosis, and specific stimuli can bring about this pathology. For complete eradication of Avascular Necrosis, we must employ the same pathology that caused it in the first place.

Since alcohol and steroids (the most common culprits behind AVN) are responsible for the development of this disorder, eating a raw food diet won’t help. Necrosis of bone would affect every Indian if cooked food caused AVN.

Exercise to protect your joints

Indians think that exercise can cure anything. It might be any condition; we all have a strong notion that exercise can cure everything and anything. Perhaps this is due to the genetic knowledge about Yoga that we carry!!

However, this “cure with exercise” approach may be applied to neuromuscular illnesses or other situations where movement helps fix the problem.

However, none of the workouts can address the issue of blood flow within the bone.

Second, rubbing the smooth (acetabulum) and rough (femur head) surfaces will injure both sides. It’s only common sense. And common sense tells us not to make such a mistake.

You cannot solve every problem on your own.

Calcium and vitamin D intake

When it comes to bones. The first item that comes to mind is milk, paneer, and anything else that can offer you with more calcium. Because, just like exercise, this is a myth.

In the case of Avascular Necrosis, everything revolves around blood. When blood does not reach a specific location in the body (the carrier), how can you deliver medicine to that location, particularly calcium and vitamin D?

When I questioned my orthopaedic acquaintance about the reasoning behind the “prescription” of calcium and vitamins, he revealed, “we don’t have anything for the condition, it is just a placebo because it is difficult to kill someone’s hope.”

Water Enema

According to a research paper, water enema perforation, hyperphosphatemia (following Fleet Enema), and sepsis can occur, resulting in death in up to 4% of patients.

You had no idea that a simple water enema could complicate your health so much!!

Yes, this can have a major influence on your health.

The water in the body and the water in the gut are not the same, which might lead to major difficulties in the long run.

Avascular Necrosis Treatment

We have a strong belief in two things: logic and science.

We don’t use any other therapeutic method save these two. Because we realise and appreciate the value of life. A modest error can quickly escalate into a major blunder.

The AVN treatment is entirely scientific in nature. We solely use Panchakarma and Ayurvedic medications.

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