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All of the information on the internet, all of the doctors, everyone says that diseases are concealed in genes and chromosomes. Believe me, they’ve discovered genes for obesity, diabetes, and a variety of other ailments, and they’ve given them all elaborate names. This is going to be the best debate!

You may also claim that there are hundreds of examples proving that diseases are hereditary. And you may have ideal data for this.

Diseases may have a genetic component. At the very least, diseases are associated with the body, as are genes.  It establishes a direct link between diseases and genes. What’s the big deal about this?

These aren’t just Genes.

As a doctor, I deal with a number of people on a regular basis. I never think of somebody as a patient because it doesn’t suit me. They are human beings by default, not patients by default, and hence should be considered first. Otherwise, modern-day doctors have proclaimed that being a patient is the same as being a criminal! They have numerous ways to accuse, judge, and sentence you for a cut or bitter pill, whatever suits them and earns them more wealth! I am not a judge; I am a Vaidya, a physician with some responsibilities.

These patients, who are, by definition, human beings, would express amazement that this sinusitis disease runs in their family and would begin to draw a family tree in the air. Does that make sense? It could be for the vast majority of people who have heard about genetics. Diseases flow in the blood for the majority of us, and when there is a disease relationship. In modern terminology, diseases bind us more than relationships, which dissolve like salt in water.

We were on genes, and genes are still on chromosomes, where illnesses ride. What a poem this sounds like! Not at all!

Ayurveda & Genes

This is not the case, contrary to popular belief! Your disorders are linked to your genes, but this does not imply that it is your genes, not you, who are to blame for all issues and diseases.

The Vedas contain a Sanskrit verse that translates as “our body is a temple of diseases”! Yes, we are, and so it is! We have every chance of getting sick. We all have a mind for psychological problems and a brain for brain tumours. Few people are born with diabetes, heart disease, or other disorders, and many more get these by choice.

We can only blame sickness and God for having chosen us. However, both God and illnesses are blameless. Who is to blame? We, ourselves, or, in a more formal sense, you. 

We are all like loaded guns with only a trigger to fire. Once you invite the triggers from here and there, the sickness will undoubtedly shoot. So blame yourself for attracting all of these ailments.

What causes diseases to become personal?

Some people may tell a physician like me (who listens) that all of their friends drink, and that they drink more than him, but this is due to the weak liver he got from his father (who also died from liver disease). So the fault is in the genes!!

Absolutely not!! The alcoholic patient failed to mention that his father used to drink as much as or more than him. How can you blame the liver or your genes when alcohol causes harm to the body?

There is one factor that is more important than genes: upbringing. Nurture your upbringing, your family’s eating patterns, and your family’s way of life.

Every family has its own set of customs and dietary practises, which all contribute to a family’s overall health. For example, some families are programmed to eat fatty foods, and every new born baby will pick up on that taste and method of cooking. This has a significant impact on each member’s health. Without a certain, with these eating habits, everyone in the family will have a bigger belly- therefore genes aren’t everything…This is the family’s nurturing!

In the second example, if a family lives in a residence that does not receive adequate sunlight, it is likely that the family will suffer from sinusitis or a running nose. So, once again, the genes have nothing to do with it.

These are just two examples; there may be many more to demonstrate that it is not always the genes that cause diseases.


The Final Words Matter is not to deny genetic theory; rather, matter is to comprehend the allied parts rather than genetics, which are far more important for disease aetiology. This is not about dismissing modern medicine’s efforts; rather, it is about embracing our own flaws and bad behaviours as the source of our illness.

For the benefit of millions of people’s health, modern-day physicians should grasp and recognise all of this. One (or whoever) should not try to avoid the facts by using phrases like genetics. Guide your patient in the right direction, and they will be healthy in every aspect.

As part of an organisation that is more concerned with nutrition and lifestyle, we always find it difficult to make someone healthy, because there will be one or two people who are interested in the diet plans and lifestyle. This “individual” effort cannot bring about health because health is a collaborative endeavour in which everyone must participate.   

I hope you will no longer blame your genes! If you correct yourself, you would know that your genes are not wrong; the issue is yours. 

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