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 Many people around the world have or have had speech problems like stuttering at some point in their life. Stuttering is an involuntary stoppage of speech in which certain sounds or words are prolonged or repeated. A speech difficulty can lead to a variety of personality issues. The nerve system and the brain perform or govern all bodily functions. The brain is solely responsible for the proper functioning of the body.

What Are the Signs of a Speech Disorder?

 Words that are repeated

 Prolonged sentences or silent blocking

 Fluctuation in speech Difficulty beginning a word or phrase

What Are the Causes of Speech Disorders?

 Genetic issues


 Anxiety, shame, and stress

Confusion and anxiety

 Control issues when speaking

The therapist must first identify the source of the problem before treating it. A proper diagnosis will aid in the resolution of the issue. Then, using Ayurvedic herbal remedies will stimulate brain function, thereby eliminating stuttering.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Communication Disorders

brahmi – It is a stimulant that has been shown to relax the mind and improve brain function. Heat 10 mL of oil in a small saucepan. Cool it to a comfortable temperature and apply it to your head for 30 minutes before showering. You can also apply it before going to bed and wash it in the morning. 

Honey, almonds, and black pepper. Make a paste with the black pepper. Mix in 7 ground almonds before adding honey. Consume this paste on a daily basis for at least one month.

Amla- This is an effective stuttering treatment, especially for children. It is also referred to as the Indian gooseberry. Every day, it should be chewed slowly.

Cow fat. It promotes brain development and improves memory.

Ayurvedic treatment for stuttering

Stuttering can be treated with herbal treatments and some physical activities.

Here are some herbal treatments for stuttering:

 The plant Valaray (Vallarai) is an excellent stuttering treatment. Take a few coriander seeds and dates and wrap them in three or four valerie leaves. After that, chew them. Dry a few valaray leaves in a dark area before grinding them to powder. Take this powder on a regular basis. Valarai can also be consumed as a paste formed by combining powders with cow’s milk.

Ghee, which is melted cow oil, can help improve brain and memory performance. With your food, take a teaspoon.

External application of Brahmi oil (Brahmi) is also beneficial. Warm up 10 cc of the oil. Apply it warmly to your head, gently massage it in, and let it on for 30-45 minutes. Warm water should be used to rinse your hair. This technique will increase the power of your brain.

Soak 12 almonds overnight in water. Peel and crush them the next morning, then combine them with 31 grammes of oil and ingest this mass on a regular basis for several months.

Stuttering relief can also be obtained with Indian gooseberry (Amla). 4-5 amla grains should be ground into a paste with pure ghee. Take this mixture on a daily basis.

Dry tuyere might also help you stop stuttering. Boil dried dates in milk, cool them, and consume them before going to bed.

In most cases, the patient’s deafness contributes to the speech issue. Ayurveda prescribes drugs to strengthen the brain, memory, and mental development in this situation.

Suvarna Prshayan

Suvarnaprashan – Suvarnaprashan is a traditional remedy in Indian culture. This is a life-saving treatment. Our bodies have the ability to self-resist – to prevent numerous diseases – which is known as immunity. There is no sickness or pandemic that can impact us if our body has sufficient immunity. Suvarnaprashan is given by Ayurveda to boost the child’s immunity. Suvarna means gold, while Prashan means to approach. “Suvarnaprashan” refers to the dating of gold from birth to the age of twelve.

Why is gold used?

Gold is the most beneficial metal to the human body. It is effective not only in youngsters, but also in men and women of all ages. Gold is the most effective treatment for boosting the body’s immunity. It is the most vital and useful metal, providing substantial benefits to our body and mind. This is the best gift we can and should give to our friends and family. In order for our bodies to be healthy, gold must be absorbed. As a result, gold jewellery is particularly well-known in Indian culture. Gold plates were always eaten by ancient rulers and wealthy people in India. Wearing gold, eating gold plates, donating gold, and collecting gold all stem from the idea of allowing gold to enter our bodies. Gold is a precious metal that is utilised to safeguard the body, mind, and intellect. As a result, from the past to the present, our economy has relied solely on gold, demonstrating its utility in our lives.

Suvarnaprashan, when should it be taken and for whom is it intended?

Suvarnaprashan is one of sixteen Sanskrit ceremonies mentioned in ancient Indian texts. This tradition is based on “Suvarnaprashan Sanskar,” which translates to “Suvarnaprashan Rituals.” A gold gift has always been offered to close relatives of a newborn infant.

Suvarnaprashan Advantages

Suvarnaprashan increases our body’s and brain’s intelligence, digestion, and physical strength. It provides a long, spiritual, and earthly life. It has revitalising properties and tones your skin. Improves immunity amazingly, allowing your youngster to easily overcome bacterial and viral diseases. The usage of Suvarnaprashan on a regular basis until the first month ensures the best protection against illness damage. Six months of daily Suvarnaprashan use can make a youngster extremely clever, capable of remembering all they hear. This simply means that Suvarnaprashan aids in the improvement of the individual’s memory and intelligence.

Suvarnaprasan also enhances your body’s digesting capacity, which leads to increased physical endurance in children. It keeps his skin tone consistent and, if necessary, improves it. In short, Suvarnaprashan is the most effective component in assisting a child in overcoming numerous diseases, even potentially dangerous ones. It is not susceptible to disease. In conclusion, we will state the following:

Suvarnaprashan improves your immunity:

suvarnaprashan improves your body’s resilience, protecting you from infections and making your child stronger.

Suvarnaprashan contributes to the physical development of children.

Suvarnaprashan improves memory: It contains herbs that help each child develop his memory and knowledge of his surroundings.

It encourages the child to be active and intellectual.

Suvarnaprashan promotes digestion: Suvarnaprashan is the best appetiser that also has digestive characteristics.


Ayurveda, of which Suvarnaprashan is a component, provides a remedy for any bodily, mental, or spiritual demands or challenges that one may face in their lives. Ayurvedic medical knowledge is incredibly significant and beneficial, and it has existed from ancient times to the present, and it can and should be used to benefit modern man in these tough times.


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