Psoriasis and Marriage: Three Realities and Myths

People with psoriasis have a hard time finding a good partner, which is unfortunate. In this 21th century, there are many assumptions (myths) on psoriasis to be blamed for.


Myth No. 1

Psoriasis leaves a person physically unfit, and marrying someone with psoriasis is dangerous.

The Reality

Psoriasis has no effect on a person’s physical or mental capacity. An individual with psoriasis may live a happy and healthy life with the right diagnosis and improvements in diet and lifestyle. Extreme psoriasis, on the other hand, if left untreated, may lead to the development of other health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, joint pain, and inflammatory disease syndrome over time. Negative responses and excessive self-consciousness may also lead to social isolation and a loss of self-confidence.

Myth No. 2

The partner of life will also acquire psoriasis after the marriage because it is infectious in nature.

The Reality

Psoriasis is non-contagious in nature. It is not spreading from person to person. It’s definitely not! Psoriasis cannot be transmitted by coexistence or sexual intercourse.

Myth No. 3

Psoriasis is going to move to future generations (from parents to kids)

The Reality

One of the many causes of psoriasis is the hereditary component (faulty genes). This is approximately 15-20% in which a person can inherit psoriasis that causes the genes from his close family, including parents, siblings, grandparents, first cousins, or aunts. Other causes such as Chronic Stress, poor intestinal health, infection, or skin damage are of the greatest importance in the development of psoriasis in the remaining 80-85 percent.

Note: Even if neither parent has psoriasis, a child will inherit psoriasis-causing genes from grandparents, uncles/aunts, or cousins. As a result, saying that children of psoriasis-affected parents will develop psoriasis is completely unfair.

What are the advantages of marrying someone who suffers from the same or a similar skin condition as you?

  • You and your partner will be able to communicate more effectively.
  • There will be no fear of being judged and no sense of vulnerability. Negative thoughts such as “Am I good enough for my partner” or “Is my skin problem troubling my partner or in-laws” will not enter your mind.
  • Since their own child is going through something similar, the in-laws will support you wholeheartedly.
  • You’d be less concerned about your appearance and more concerned about other facets of your life, such as family and work.

Because of a loving life partner and in-laws, many people’s skin health improves dramatically after marriage. Stress is one of the leading causes of auto-immune disorders like psoriasis, and having a caring and supportive soul-mate will greatly minimize it in your life. As a result, decreased stress will naturally alleviate psoriasis symptoms, allowing you to live a happier life.

Our Take

“We, At EliteAyurveda guides people to develop a greater sense of self-esteem and the ability to function at a high level in their social, personal, and occupational lives,” Dr. Adil says.

It is possible to enjoy a normal married life with the correct treatments for psoriasis if you still take precautions in managing the disease.