How Can I Prevent My Kids From Getting Psoriasis?

How Can I Prevent My Kids From Getting Psoriasis? EliteAyurveda

There is only one way that psoriasis can be prevented. Researchers and scholars from Ayurveda suggest that the best solution can be to treat parents with psoriasis before they prepare for a boy.

As psoriasis is in some cases genetic and you must worry about your children, along with other traits such as high height, colour of your hair and eye, and type of skin when you are a parent with psoriasis.

You might also ask if we could do something to avoid the development of these red, itchy raised, psoriasis lesions today. While there are different ways in which you can avoid transmitting the psoriasis genes to your children — getting the right & complete treatment for yourself may help.

Genetic Psoriasis

Psoriasis appears to take place in families because of the correlation between psoriasis and genetics. Studies showed that both psoriasis is present in 70% of the same twin sets (identical twins have almost the same genes). Researchers conclude that when the egg is fertilized by the sperm, the genes causing psoriasis will be transferred during reproduction. Another possibility is that the genes which cause psoriasis are damaged when the egg is fertilized.

Your children have between 15 and 20% risk of psoriasis if you or your spouse have psoriasis, too. With psoriasis, the risk rises between 50 and 75%.

Just about one-third of those with psoriasis is a family member of this autoimmune disorder if we look otherwise. And some people develop psoriasis but they don’t get it from their parents. Note: People with psoriasis before 40 years of age have a better history than those who have psoriasis after 40 years of age of skin disease.

Special considerations to treat a child

psoriasis in my children

A dermatologist considers carefully before treating a child:

  • Whether treatment is needed
  • Risks and advantages of possible therapies

A visible skin condition can be highly stressful. Psoriasis on the scalp, particularly if it leads to hair loss, may be of particular concern for the child or adolescent. 

A child will feel humiliated and begin to retire. During school and night, constant itching and pain will make concentration and sleep difficult.

However, some children are not bothered by psoriasis, especially when it is clothed with little itching or discomfort. Therapy could be inappropriate in that situation.

A dermatologist frequently examines the short and long-term consequences of psoriasis before a child is treated. It is possible to predict what care a child may need in the future while it is being treated. And should prepare a course of treatment that reduces side effects and optimizes the beneficial effects of the treatment.

Our Take

You must be mindful that psoriasis therapies can take time to be successful, and that in cooperation with your health care providers you may need some opportunities to figure the treatments that best work for your child.

Good adherence is necessary for your child to achieve good care outcomes.

Elite Ayurveda places a strong emphasis on treating skin disorders in all forms, including diet, exercise, and medicine.

Our lead specialist, Dr. Adil Moulanchikkal, and his trained team will assist you in regaining your normal skin.

“Any skin disorders can be treated if the patient is able to follow the doctor’s instructions,” says Dr. Adill, who is committed to the betterment of all people who suffer from skin problems.