In present days, natural therapies, procedures, and medicines have become an enormous global priority. Ayurvedic Dhara therapies are basically applicable to a number of cases due to their protective, curative, and pro-motivated circumstances.

this indicates their validity and effectiveness in the treatment of different diseases.

What is Takra Dhara?

Takra Dhara is a special Ayurvedic therapy in which buttermilk is medicated. It is processed with medicinal herbs. Takra Dhara is useful for psoriasis, hypertension, insomnia, etc.

In Takradhara therapy, buttermilk treated with medicinal herbs. Which always been used as an external solution in the form of a thin stream.


Takra: means buttermilk

Dhara: Pouring in a continuous stream in a specified manner

Benefits of Takra Dhara

Natural remedies for psoriasis and other diseases (through Takra Dhara)

Takra Dhara Types:

Takra Dhara is of three types based on the site on which Therapy is done

1.Takra Shiro Dhara – Dhara performed over the forehead – useful in fever, migraine, anxiety, Psoriasis, etc.

2.Takra Sarvanga Dhara –– a Dhara rendered for the entire body – effective in stress, exhaustion and Psoriasis.

3.Takra Ekanga Dhara – Dhara rendered over a portion of the body Example. As in the case of leg Psoriasis, Dhara is done only on the leg.

How it works

Therapy procedure

Psoriasis is connected with the stress-induced autonomic response and reduced pituitary-adrenal function. Continuous pouring of the Medicated Buttermilk on the forehead for a particular time has a soothing influence and controls the rhythm. For psoriasis, this therapy is done to have a curative effect on the affected area of the body. Which is a very reactive therapy for psoriasis.

Takra Dhara affects Mana & Prana Vayu and enables healthy sleep by reducing stress, anxiety, and autoimmune disorders. These are highly responsible for skin diseases. Therefore, Takra Dhara is one of the best treatments for psoriasis.

Dietary guidelines

A proper diet plan and lifestyle should be prescribed to the patient and adhere to this strictly during and after treatment.


Takra Dhara can be performed for a total of 45 minutes to 60 minutes on a stretch (1 sitting).

Again, it is based on the type and extremity of the disease.

(or other disorder for which Dhara is been performed) or on the patient’s health.

Takra Dhara is practiced for a duration of 7 to 14 days or as prescribed by the physician.

As a follow-up:

A diet guide and a catalog/write of do’s and don’ts (with regards to lifestyle modifications) is given.

  • The prescription for oral medications to be administered is turned over to the patient.
  • The date of the next follow-up consultation shall be issued

Takra Dhara is advised on a daily basis;

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