Psoriasis is a skin condition wherein the skin cycle is impaired. The dead skin layer is usually produced once in every 120 days on average but in psoriasis, the number of days drastically reduces to 14 days on an average due to which accumulation of dead skin cells takes place. Kizhi is one such therapy that is very beneficial in the treatment of psoriasis.

To normalize the skin cycle, at Elite Ayurveda we provide the necessary medicaments which are customized for each individual along with a therapy called Kizhi

What is kizhi?

Kizhi refers pottali or something hooked up to a cloth. This therapy is often referred to as leaf bag massage.

Types of Kizhi

Kizhi is divided into a few categories, depending on the ingredients used in the pouches. The different types of Kizhi are:

Ela Kizhi: In this treatment, the bundles include leaves of medicinal plants and herbs mixed with warm medicated oil.

Navara Kizhi: This method uses bundles made from special rice called Navara, prepared with milk and herbs.

Mutta Kizhi: Here, the pouches are packed with boiled egg yolks and herbs that is dipped in medicated oil.

Podi Kizhi: This is a type of Kizhi that used cotton bag pouches filled with different herbs in powder form.

What is the procedure of kizhi?

The kizhi process/procedure goes on like this. Massage using warm medicated oil is performed on the affected region and massage is performed as gentle punches on the affected region with hot pottali. Depending on the particular conditions, the timeframe of bolus’ application on the body may varies from 30 to 40 minutes. 

How effective is kizhi for psoriasis?

There are various steps in the whole kizhi process under which the constituents present in the herbs are enabled and interact with the psoriatic patches directly.

It improves peripheral blood drainage, cleanses the circulation channels and expels toxins through the sweat to ensure that the skin performs its regular activities. Therefore, Elakizhi gives relief from psoriasis because psoriasis is a skin disease that arises because of skin malfunction.


Depending on the case, Kizhi is conducted for around 7-14 days and can be repeated for faster recovery at intervals of 15-30 days.

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