Reproduction is a straightforward and normal process for most couples, but certain couples may face such complexities that are hard to conceive. There may be several reasons for male infertility. Man’s fertility depends upon the quality and quantity of sperm count. If the sperm count is too small, it would be difficult to conceive.

Infertility is generally a common problem. This dilemma is faced by about 6 out of 10 couples. Men are also more likely to suffer infertility issues. This depends largely on our toxic and exhausting lifestyles. There are typically not many noticeable signs of naked eyes since intercourse, erections or Ejaculations do not cause trouble. The consistency and quantities of the sperm can be seen as diagnostic experiments are carried out.

Some Facts about Male Fertility

Male fertility is an area that has needed a lot of studies, but some important things are still unknown to the normal guy. In addition to causal factors, certain important facts about male sterility are required to be learned. If you still have certain misunderstandings, here are the common facts about male fertility:

  • A chain smoker is bound to produce less sperm than a non-smoking male.
  • Male infertility can occur regardless of age. Not only elderly men but even younger men are vulnerable to such difficulties in their prime.
  • If you had a child before, it doesn’t indicate you’re fertile. Infertility can occur later in life.
  • Stress isn’t an infertility cause! Yeah, it influences the mobility of sex. However, as long as it is not affected, there should be no question of fertility.
    o When it comes to fertility, who said weight is not a challenge for men? Sperm motility and development, which naturally promote fertility, would increase optimum body weight.
  • Male reproduction is sometimes treated as a minor concern, but not. It’s about as high as the fertility of women.

Therefore, it is important to know these five facts that will modify the understanding of male fertility.

Male infertility medical causes

  • The key reasons for male infertility are as follows: The issue of the development of sperm results from certain preceding damage caused by radiation, illness, unexplained causes, and tests.
  • Often sperm transport may be blocked due to any infection or vasectomy.
  • The problem may also arise from hormonal problems such as hypophytic tumors, loss of LH and FSH.

causes of male infertility

From your end, what should you do?

Obviously, many innovative therapies nowadays are available to combat male infertility, but few items depend entirely on the option of your lifestyle. Sperm production is significantly influenced by alcohol and cigarettes. It’s time for you to say NO to tobacco and alcohol. Also, sound workouts daily can help to increase sperm quality.

fertility index in male

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