Psoriasis is an Auto-Immune skin condition in which the body produces skin cells very rapidly with an unknown cause. This skin cell formation is mainly monitored by the Pitta according to Ayurveda. In order to correct this impaired Pitta, we at Elite Ayurveda, advise Nitya Virechanam.

What is Nitya Virechana?

It is the process in which the toxic bile juice is flushed out through controlled purgation on daily basis. By giving Ayurvedic herbal preparations in a quantity depending upon the digestive capacity and the water absorption capacity of the gut.

Benefits of Nitya Virechana

•     Flushes out of the toxins and excess mucus from the GI tract and thus improves digestion.

•     Clears congestion from the liver and thus improves metabolism and fat digestion.

•     Relieves many gastrointestinal disorders.

•     Improves the condition of skin disorders, rashes & allergies.

•     Achieve improved immunity and thus resistance to many diseases

•     Achieve a better circulatory system

•     Management of weight

•     Activate the lymphatic system

•     Nourish the skin

•     Strengthen the muscles

•     Improve digestive system

How is Nitya Virechana beneficial in Psoriasis?

As per Ayurveda, the food consumed will get digested with the help of Pitta(Bile Juice). Then the nutrient part will get transformed into the fluid components of Blood and then into Corpuscles of Blood. Later it leads to the formation/ nourishment of Muscles and Skin.

Basically, when proper Digestion has to take place, the Pitta (Bile Juice) must be normal. If there is any abnormality in the bile juice, there is an impairment in the whole of the process leading to impairment in the formation of the skin. Regular purgation will correct the abnormal bile juice present in the body and hence result in normal muscles and skin development.

What is the procedure of Nitya Virechana?

Single herb or Combination of herbs with Purgative property is processed and is made into a palatable form.

It is then administered on a daily basis whose dosage will be fixed by the Physician based on the individual’s condition.

After taking the medicines, there will be urged to pass stools which are to be attended to without suppressing.

Our Take

Ayurvedic treatments for psoriasis that support one person may not support another. Developing an individual course of treatment can require both counseling and Ayurvedic medicine. You can seek your prescription and advice from the Ayurvedic specialists at Elite Ayurveda. Doctors at EliteAyurveda give you the right guidance and the most satisfactory performance. To prevent adverse reactions and dangerous side effects, make sure you are linked to the professionals involved.

For more information, email us @EliteAyurveda to discuss your needs with our trained and seasoned physicians.