Osteonecrosis is a devastating bone disease that unfortunately cannot be treated.

Concerns about Avascular Necrosis are not being addressed openly.

The market for surgical procedures is massive. Surgeons’ lucrative incomes discourage them from investigating the problem’s origin. No one will invest significant resources towards figuring out what causes Osteonecrosis if they don’t stand to gain financially from doing so. The joint replacement-only clinic is driven only by financial considerations. Simply put, once a patient has had a joint replacement, they are doomed to a lifetime of more surgeries to rectify the damage.

Insufficient knowledge of AVN pathology

Although osteonecrosis damages bones and causes bone tissue death, it is not a bone disease. An inadequate supply of blood is the primary issue. Avascular necrosis (AVN) is a condition caused by blocked arteries in which oxygen-rich blood is unable to reach the bones. You’ve strayed from the original reason for this. Hence, current medical practices have not yielded any positive outcomes in the treatment of avascular necrosis.

The neglect of rejuvenation treatments

Insurance won’t cover the cost of these treatments, so patients will have to undergo additional surgeries. Our recommendation is to treat osteonecrosis using rejuvenating therapies and nutraceuticals. Our approach to treating this ailment focuses on modifying one’s way of life alongside the use of nutritional supplements and medicinal medicines.

Neglecting to address underlying issues

When AVN is detected in the hips, patients are advised to have total hip replacement surgery. Nobody in the medical community seems concerned about stopping avascular necrosis from spreading to other bones and joints. This is a significant factor in why patients require surgery on several joints.

Corporate Greed toward surgery

Surgery is not the cure for this ailment, as would become clear to anyone who starts delving into the material. There is certainly something off when surgeons know that surgery isn’t a cure but nevertheless recommend it to patients. We’ve seen this pattern of Osteonecrosis occurrences much too often. In this way, the lack of commitment and the destruction of research data impedes our potential to develop a treatment.

We take a holistic approach that helps patients avoid more procedures while improving oxygen flow within their body’s blood vessels and delivering nutrition to their bones, preventing AVN.

In India, our facility is the only one providing this treatment option for patients with Osteonecrosis.

The Osteonecrosis Treatment at EliteAyurveda

To avoid having to undergo joint replacement surgery, AVN treatment involves unblocking arteries, increasing blood flow to the bone marrow, reversing Osteonecrosis, and stimulating the creation of new bone.

  • Detoxifying herbs for unclogging arteries
  • Supplement the area with healing herbs to promote better blood flow.
  • Third, use healing herbs to stimulate bone regeneration in the injured location.
  • Fourth, stop the bone damage caused by avascular necrosis (AVN) by reversing it.

Cleaning out blocked arteries using detoxifying herbs

Ayurveda explains how to use natural herbs to purify the blood and increase its flow. Guduchis the most notable of these. Enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to stem cells housed in the bone marrow. We have preparations that are tried and tested among various cases of AVN.