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Have you noticed that when your mind is in a good place, your body feels a lot better? There are physical reasons for this, like more dopamine and serotonin being made, but spiritual healing, especially if you are on the road of your life’s purpose, also plays a big role in this happy mood.

What does it mean to heal spiritually?

Spiritual healing ways recognise and use how the body, heart, and mind are all linked. They go beyond the five senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste to deal with emotional disharmony and trapped feelings that may be making physical problems worse.

Spiritual healing is based on the idea that both minor and major physical problems can and should be treated with modern Western medicine. However, if the root cause of the problem, such as a traumatic event in the past, a general dislike of oneself, or an ancestral disturbance that has caused emotions to get stuck, is not taken care of, the physical problems will continue.

Spiritual healing happens when you use your energy well.

We may say that something has bad juju, bad mojo, bad vibes, or negative energy when it feels off or not quite right. Energy is energy, and it is neither good nor bad. You just need to make it move in the right direction.

Spiritual Ways to Heal

Spiritual healing comes down to figuring out your real life’s purpose and then following the path of your power. To do this, you need to stay away from bad people and let go of your own judgement on all levels.

There are as many ways to heal spiritually as there are people who want to heal. Here are some popular ones:

Chanting and Meditation: Sounds of God

Reiki Prayer Qigong Chakra Healing

The Feeling Code

Body Code

There are also things you do every day that can help your mental healing, like:

Learning new skills

By using your imagination 

Get your body moving.

time with family and friends

In general, sharing (a story, a meal, or a laugh)

What Spiritual Healing Can Do for You

Spiritual therapy, which looks at the whole person, can help people get better both physically and mentally. Even though modern medicine should be considered and used, especially in serious health cases, spiritual healing can be non-invasive and get rid of the need for drugs.

Using the different ways of mental healing, you can also:

Lessen the stress

Lessen worry

Keep calm, improve attention, and strengthen your immune system.

Use your imagination

Meditation to heal the spirit

Too many of us go through our days in a steady whirlwind and never stop to do something for ourselves. It looks like every second of every day is used up. This can make you tired and sick, and on a mental level, it can keep you in a cycle of worry and bad feelings that never ends. Meditation for mental healing is easy, can be done in a short amount of time, and has a lot of benefits that can help you feel better.

How Feelings Make Us Act

Whether they are good or bad, all feelings have an effect on you. By using spiritual healing techniques, you can figure out what you’re feeling and how it’s affecting you physically and mentally.

Cortisol and Having Bad Feelings

Cortisol is a chemical in your brain that, when it gets out of control, can make you feel bad all the time. The more you feel and let yourself feel bad, the more cortisol runs through your body, sending you into what seems like an endless downward spiral.

Dopamine and Good Feelings

Dopamine is also a brain chemical. It is a neurotransmitter that helps us get through daily life and wakes up the part of our brain that controls rewards. Spiritual meditation is a healthy way to help the body make more dopamine, which can make us feel happier.

How to Take Care of Feelings

Feelings can be hard to predict. They can be wild, intense, and hard to understand, but they can also be exciting and inspiring. Trapped emotions can be even more of a mystery, but you can use emotional healing meditation to take control of your feelings and put them to good use.

Meditation as a way to heal spiritually

Meditation is great because even a few minutes out of your day can heal and help a lot, and it’s not hard to do. Follow these steps to heal your spirit through meditation:

If you are just starting out, try to find a place that is quiet and relaxing. (As you get better, you might be able to relax anywhere, even in a crowded tube car or in the middle of a kid’s birthday party. Focus is the key.)

Shut your eyes and pay attention to how you’re breathing.

Next, start to enjoy your five senses:

Listen for small sounds you might not usually hear, like a bird building a nest or someone practising the piano softly.

Pay attention to what is touching you. A moving breeze? How soft a new jumper is?

Smell what’s around you. What feelings does it invoke? How do you feel about them?

You can imagine tasting those smells or feeling the sweetness of fresh air on your lips.

See a place that makes you happy and also see how you feel.

Find your feelings that are stuck. How did they get that way? Why do you think they’re there? Are they all set to be set free?

Pay close attention to how they make you feel.

Embrace the good feelings to heal your soul.

Change your bad thoughts into good ones.

Fear is fine, because bravery can’t exist without it.

Anxiety is your body’s way of telling you that there are worries that need to be dealt with.

Spiritual healing is a way to get all of your feelings out of your system. Meditation helps you get rid of that mental junk so you can handle things better when they come up.

Congratulations to You

Taking time for yourself has, for some strange reason, become a luxury instead of the important, healthy thing that it really is. You should be proud of yourself for recognising that you need time to relax, heal, and improve yourself. Spiritual healing practises can help you learn how to deal with your feelings and even get rid of feelings from the past that are making you feel bad.


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