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Young people are having heart attacks at a worrying rate. At one time, heart attacks were mostly a problem for older people.

If a person was under 40, it was rare for them to have a heart attack. Today, though, this is no longer true. The most recent figures show that one out of every five people with heart disease is under the age of 40.

Since 2000, the number of young people who have a heart attack has gone up by 2% every year. Now, people in their 20s and 30s are more likely than ever to have a heart attack.

Many people who talk about this issue only mention bad lifestyles as a cause, even though this is only part of the problem. They haven’t brought up the other problems that are often overlooked.

This article will talk about the four reasons why young people have heart attacks and what you can do to stop it:

High amounts of worry and stress

In India, people start taking on more tasks at a very young age. Trying to handle everything at once is a lot of stress. Problems like a bad work environment, unrealistic demands from society, losing a job because the job market is uncertain, and other bad things in their lives also add to their stress.

In India, a person doesn’t have anyone to listen to them when they’re sad or having a hard time from the time they’re a kid. As a result, a lot of their stress or anxiety is internalised when they grow up.

Too much stress is bad for the body, and young people have no good ways to deal with it. It makes blood pressure go up. If someone has high blood pressure and it isn’t found, the vessels get damaged and the heart gets less blood. When the heart doesn’t get enough blood, the muscles start to break down. In the end, it leads to a heart attack.

Sitting around all day

Another problem with living in a tech-savvy time is that we spend most of our work and free time sitting in front of screens. Let’s spend a day together. We start the day by sitting at the computer or laptop in the office, where we stay for 8–9 hours. We either watch movies or shows on our phones when we get home. We go to sleep at the end of the day to end it.

During the day, they don’t do any physical activity and spend too much time in front of a screen, don’t get enough sleep, don’t eat at the right time, or eat high-calorie food that they don’t burn off through exercise.

Poor food leads to being overweight

One of the main reasons people get fat is because they eat bad foods, which puts young people at risk of getting diabetes. Because fast food and street food are so easy to get, the number of obese people is at an all-time high.

According to studies done by the Indian government’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, one in four Indians are overweight. On the obesity measure, India is already in third place.

Young people who are overweight are more likely to get type 2 diabetes, which is a very scary thing.

No activity or too much activity 

Too little or too much exercise is bad for your health and can cause a young person to have a heart attack.

People in their 20s get heart disease, particularly blockages, because they eat unhealthy food and have too much bad cholesterol. If a person with this disease works out hard, it puts their heart at risk because it makes blood clots near the blockages. This can make your heart stop.

On the other hand, young Indian people know very little or nothing at all about body acceptance. They see “perfectly toned bodies” all the time on social media and in movies. Young people put these celebrities and influential people on a high, which makes them work out too much and skip meals. This puts too much stress on the heart, which makes a heart attack more likely.

Please remember that getting enough exercise and eating right can help you lose weight and keep your LDL and triglyceride numbers stable. Plus, it brings more blood to the heart, which is important for the organ to work properly.

How to keep a young person from having a heart attack?

If you are young, the best way to improve your life is to work out daily and eat a healthy diet. You need to keep your weight at a good level. Take care of your mental health and learn how to deal with stress. If you need professional help, talk to a therapist.

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