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It is commonly believed that the stomach is the origin of both our health and our disorders. The stomach is the foundation of our health; an unhealthy stomach indicates an unhealthy body. And, the good news is that maintaining a healthy stomach requires no more effort, merely a balance of the general and most common aspects of our Food and Lifestyle.

In Ayurveda, the three pillars of life are regarded to be Aahar (Diet), Vihaar (Lifestyle), and Aushadhi (Medicine). According to ancient Ayurveda texts and teachings, if we maintain a balanced diet and lifestyle throughout our lives, we will never become ill. Hence, medicine is regarded as the third pillar. Priority is given to nutrition and lifestyle since a balanced and healthy diet and lifestyle protect us from all health problems, whether common or uncommon.

These days, the biggest diseases that are developing over the world are lifestyle diseases, in which our bad eating habits play a significant part. We have all witnessed and observed that earlier generations are healthier than the current one, whether we compare our parents to our grandparents or our parents to ourselves. There is a significant gap between our health and the ailments we suffer from. Let’s not delve too deeply into this topic, as it has no conclusion. Our digestive system is the most important system in our body, as it ensures the health of the entire body. The improper functioning of our digestive system will always have a negative effect on our overall health.

As it is impossible to prepare food without fire, even when all other ingredients are present, digestive fire serves a similar purpose in our bodies. Our entire body requires energy and fuel to function effectively, and our diet provides this energy and fuel. As we eat, all the body’s systems are active and begin to process the meal. Constantly, we hear that detoxification of the body is a crucial process, as it is the underlying cause of the onset of disease. Excessive toxins within the body damage the immune system, resulting in decreased disease resistance. So, in order to maintain our overall health, we must protect our digestive system / stomach from any health issue.

Recently, Yoshinori Ohsumi was awarded the Nobel Prize for Autophagy, also known as Fasting. While Ayurvedic principles place a greater emphasis on prevention than on therapy, Ayurveda always places Fasting first. According to the experts and regulations of Ayurveda, if we can continue to prevent diseases just by regulating and balancing our diet and lifestyle, we will never require medication. Hence, let us revive, revitalise, and begin our lives by enhancing and fortifying our digestive health.

For protection against all diseases, we have a natural barrier already placed in our bodies; we must only maintain its quality. The following are essential considerations that must be made in this regard. Considering our food currently contains more unhealthy ingredients than healthy ones, let’s compare the two and choose the healthier option.

True and Fresh Food

We should eat natural and real food, but we tend to prioritise the flavour of our tongue and consume artificial and dead food instead. Fresh food is always superior since it has only the required amount of key nutrients. Foods that are packaged, frozen, or stale are unhealthy and have negative impacts on the body.

Increase the amount of Fibrous foods

Increased fibre promotes digestive health. A diet rich in soluble and insoluble fibres enhances the digestive system’s performance, resulting in enhanced immunity.

Use Healthy Fats

Omega-3 fatty acids are always seen as beneficial for intestinal health. Constant eating of good fats is necessary to effectively eliminate our hunger.

Never get dehydrated

Health doctors always recommend consuming a great deal of water. Just plain water has the immense capacity to preserve healthy digestion and a healthy body. In addition to preventing digestive issues, hydration aids in detoxifying the body and increasing our immune. If a person is not accustomed to drinking more water, he should develop the habit by ingesting fruits that are rich in water and fresh juices.

More Liquid Diet

A balanced diet must consist of more liquids than solid foods. As a result of our sedentary lifestyles, our food remains undigested for extended periods of time, and bad eating habits lead to health issues. Due to our work schedules, we may be unable to make significant changes to our lifestyle, but we can improve the quality of our meals, which will help us maintain a healthy stomach.

Avoid Additional Spices

Spicy foods are never healthy. It is true that many of the spices we use in our cooking also possess healing characteristics. Nonetheless, excessive consumption of any substance might be harmful. In order to maintain the long-term health of our stomachs, we must regulate the amount of spices in our food.

In addition to the above food guidelines, a healthy stomach requires a healthy mind and body to function. Thus, we should be aware of a number of factors that may not only affect our mental health but also our physical health.

Mindful eating should replace excessive eating, which means that while we eat, we should focus on the food rather than other ideas. As a result of eating mindfully, we consume only the necessary amount of food and avoid overeating.

Our diet consists not just of the food we eat, but also of our ideas. We should be mindful of our thoughts; negative thinking invite health problems.

Along with a well-balanced diet, we need also have a well-managed lifestyle, which implies that healthy eating habits can safeguard the body when accompanied by the necessary physical activity. As the absence of a heartbeat signifies death, so too does the absence of bodily activity. To maintain a healthy digestive system, we should engage in physical activity proportional to the needs of our body.

Fasting has a significant and essential function in maintaining a healthy stomach and body. Fasting does not necessitate starvation for a full day, but it does necessitate a sufficient time interval between meals.

Consequently, the aforementioned dietary and lifestyle requirements will enable us to maintain our health without additional effort or unwanted effects.

Follow them and you will be healthy forever.


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