Do you not eat sweets because they make your blood sugar go up and you don’t feel well after eating them? There are ways to eat sweets that won’t mess up your blood sugar levels or make you feel bad.

There are foods that don’t go well together, but there are also foods that go well together and work well together. Not only do some foods digest well together, but the way they go together also makes their nutrients more bioavailable and reduces any bad affects they might have on their own.

Dates, spices, and nuts are all great examples of this.


Dates are part of the earth element, but their sattvic nature keeps them from making you feel heavy or tired. When something is sattvic, it makes people feel calm, clear, and aware.

Dates also have a lot of ojas. Ojas is the refined essence of our body’s tissues. It has to do with power, immunity, and stable energy. When someone needs to feel better, like after being sick or giving birth, or when they are old and need a boost, ojas-rich substances are suggested.

Dates are very sweet, but their glycemic index, which is around 42, is not as high as many other foods. This chart shows the glycemic index of some popular foods, including dates. 

Nutrient profile: potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, iron, B vitamins, soluble fibre

Dates taste good in many different ways! This list of types will help you figure out which one you like.


It’s well known that cinnamon can help keep blood sugar in check. As it warms and wakes you up, it helps your body break down sweet foods. Dates go well with cinnamon because it can control how the body uses fat and sugar. Those with type II diabetes or insulin resistance can also enjoy dates with the help of cinnamon.

But that’s not all that cinnamon can do. Cinnamon can also get rid of toxins, give you more energy, clear your nose, and help you cough. It also works well with the defence system because it kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Nuts: Usually, when we eat something sweet along with protein and fat, the protein and fat help to slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream and keep blood glucose levels from going up too quickly.

Hazelnuts “fall” into the autumn group of foods. Hazelnuts are good for the fat tissue, lymph, and blood plasma because they are high in nutrients, fat, and protein.

Now, let’s put them all together to make a treat you can feel good about eating!


*You should use about three almonds for every date.

Dates: Medjool dates are soft and tasty, and they are the right size for packing.

Hazelnuts: Toast the nuts and let them cool before putting them in the middle.

Cinnamon powder: Use good cinnamon, like Ceylon cinnamon that is grown organically.

Optional: flakes of coconut 


Stuff three almonds into each date, then roll in cinnamon. Dates should be soft enough that cinnamon sticks easily to them.

if you want, roll in coconut flakes.