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Some individuals experience an abrupt Hidradenitis Suppurativa flare-up. However, there are indications for others. The medical term for these symptoms is prodrome.

A prodrome is a collection of signs and symptoms that precede a flare-up. It is frequently associated with migraine or epilepsy, but it also occurs in numerous other diseases. A 2017 survey of 72 HS patients revealed that 83% had symptoms prior to an episode. 50% of patients in a 2014 study reported prodromal symptoms 12-48 hours before a lesion was visible.

So, we know that a significant number of persons exhibit signs of an impending flare. If you have other conditions in addition to HS, you may not have noticed before. However, knowing beforehand can help you prepare. Here are some of the most prevalent symptoms.


Fatigue is a prevalent complaint among those with HS. It affects so many individuals with HS both during and before an episode. The 2017 study discovered that 32 percent of patients experienced fatigue prior to an episode. According to some experts, inflammation saps your vitality. Your body employs available energy to combat inflammation, resulting in fatigue. This may explain your fatigue, as your body attempts to combat the flare-up.

Soreness and Pain

For some individuals, a flare may begin with pain. You may experience discomfort alone or in conjunction with a lump. It is tenderness for some, and a wound for others. Regardless of how they manifest, pain and discomfort may be the first indications of a flare-up. 74% of those examined reported having erythema. Erythema is a raised, sore skin patch induced by blood vessel inflammation. This may explain why some HS passengers experience discomfort upon boarding. Erythema is linked to infection and, in some cases, a medication reaction. So, if you experience this symptom, consult a physician. They may be able to assist in this instance.


11% of those studied reported experiencing migraines prior to an outbreak. A fever accompanied by headaches may indicate an infection. Additionally, they are associated with inflammation. Both of which are typical HS symptoms.

Itching and Tingling

In that 2017 study, twenty percent of patients were found to experience irritation prior to an outbreak. Itching can occur anywhere a lesion is present. Commonly affected areas include the underarms, quadriceps, and buttocks.

The medical term for tingling, prickling, or paralysis caused by pressure on nerves is paraesthesia. Before a flare-up, 63% of patients were found to have paraesthesia.


You may or may not consider your period a sign, but it is a predictor. Numerous women experience HS flare-ups prior to their period. Therefore, if you are aware that your period is approaching, you may also experience a flare-up.  Doctors believe that hormones are essential to comprehending HS. However, they do not yet comprehend the connection. HS is more prevalent in women, with the onset of many symptoms during puberty. In addition to premenstrual symptoms, HS symptoms frequently alter during pregnancy. Those who experience flare-ups during their period are not alone. Similarly to ensuring that you have sufficient padding, ensure that your HS kit is stocked each month.

Each to their own

As always, I would like to emphasise that everyone has a unique HS experience. You may not experience any of these symptoms before a flare-up. Or you may discover that you’ve had them all. A second possibility is the interaction of HS with other conditions. We know that HS increases the risk of other conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease.  Numerous of these symptoms, including fatigue and migraines, lack specificity. Consult a physician if these symptoms are persistent and causing you difficulty.  In addition to providing advice and treatment, your doctor can also rule out alternative causes. Your prodrome may reveal more than you realise. Therefore, always get examined!

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According to Ayurveda, hidradenitis suppurativa is a cause of Kapha and Pitta dosha. When the digestive fire (Agni), or Pitta, is out of balance, the Kapha Dosha becomes vitiated, which slows down metabolism. Due to the disruption of fat molecules, they start to build up in muscles and impede bodily passageways, causing painful, swollen sores in the groin, buttocks, thighs, and armpits.

In Ayurveda, hidradenitis suppurativa Treatment is to restore the body’s natural equilibrium by detoxifying it with potent herbal therapies. 

The treatment for Hidradenitis Suppurativa at Elite Ayurveda comprises balancing the Kapha and Pitta doshas, as well as providing harmony to the metabolism. The treatment comprises body detoxification, internal drugs to balance doshas, and external applications to heal scars.

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