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I staggered out of a renowned hospital in Andheri’s dermatologist’s office after the doctor told me that there was no solution for my autoimmune disorder, Hidradenitis Suppurativa, and that I might have to live with it for the rest of my life. I went to him for a second opinion because the doctor who was treating me at the time wasn’t providing me with adequate answers about my situation. That, on the other hand, was a horrible idea. I fell into a deep despair, convinced that my entire life would revolve around endless blood tests and corticosteroids. However, it was nine years ago. After that gloomy visit to my family dermatologist, I resolved to travel to India and seek comprehensive treatment from an Ayurvedic specialist. It turned out to be the best decision I’d ever made. I was able to reverse my disease and resume a normal life without the use of steroids or immunosuppressants.

Many patients who suffer from autoimmune disorders, like me, may have been told by their doctors that there is no solution. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that by addressing the problem holistically, it is possible to control the disease and achieve lasting remission. Simple approaches can help you minimize the severity of your symptoms and overcome the tyranny of autoimmunity. Dr. Adil Moulanchikkal, lead specialist from EliteAyurveda, Bangalore, India provides five remedies for reversing autoimmune disorders, all of which are simple.

Avoid eating uncooked foods.

Eating well is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, and processed foods should be avoided at all costs. What is the ‘correct’ meal for autoimmunity, you ask? According to Dr. Adil, your diet should be rich in veggies, but you should avoid eating them uncooked. “As per the laws of Ayurvedic medicine, raw foods and salads tend to hamper the digestive fire because they are more difficult to break down than cooked foods,” said Dr. Adil. In general, poor gut health is at the foundation of the majority of today’s ailments. Food digestion, absorption, and assimilation should be balanced for general health.

Avoid eating fermented foods.

Unlearn all you thought you knew about fermented foods. Although many health experts encourage including fermented foods in your diet, Ayurveda says they deplete your body of ojas, or strength and vigour. This means that all fermented foods should be avoided. “The issue with fermented foods is that they tend to clog the body’s various channels, restricting the flow of energy.” “Avoid foods such as bread, idlis, dosas, dhoklas, yoghurt, yeast, and alcohol,” Dr. Adil advises.

Anulom Vilom Training

Anulom Vilom, also known as the Nadi Shodhana Pranayama, aids in the clearing, cleansing, and purification of your body’s energy channels. This breathing technique maintains the health of your lungs, reduces oxidative stress, aids in the proper circulation of oxygenated blood, and, most importantly, lowers stress levels in the body. It decreases anxiety and promotes calmness by toning the nervous system.

Meditation should be practiced.

Dr. Adil observes that persons with autoimmune diseases have neuropsychiatric problems such as depression and anxiety. These can potentially aggravate the condition’s symptoms. As a result, it is critical that you use meditation to calm your mind and conquer recurring nervous thoughts.


On a spiritual level, Dr. Adil observes that autoimmunity is most common among those who are idealistic and morally disturbed. When your activities do not correspond to your inner moral code, you become worried and depressed. They are frequently self-critical and have low self-esteem.

“Introspect. Reason with yourself and become more aware of your behaviors. Take a comfortable seat or lie down and channel your inner energy via your body. Because energy follows consciousness, direct your attention to various parts of your body, beginning with your toes and finishing at the top of your head. “By doing so, the energy or prana visits each part of your body and heals it,” explains the doctor. He also says that in order to relieve stress, one should be able to loosen one’s moral code and be more practical in their daily lives.

Conventional Vs Ayurveda treatment procedures 

Patients suffering from any Autoimmune Conditions may find relief through conventional therapy, however it is important to realize that these treatments are not without danger. The usage of powerful medications such as antibiotics, immunosuppressants, and biologics may result in side effects and chronic issues. These medications frequently interfere with the immune system’s regular function, lowering the body’s defenses against sickness. Furthermore, certain traditional drugs may require continued use, which can lead to reliance and the establishment of antibiotic resistance. Before making any decisions about their care, consumers should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of standard allopathic Autoimmune Conditions therapies and consult with medical specialists.

Having Autoimmune Conditions can be frightening at first. You can live a full and joyful life with the right treatment. You are not alone. And, as public awareness and understanding of Autoimmune Conditions grows, the associated stigma will vanish. Ayurvedic medicine considers it treatable. You can totally recover and resume a regular, healthy lifestyle in the hands of a trained Ayurvedic practitioner.

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