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Suffering from Hidradenitis Suppurativa

I’m going to talk about mindfulness today. I’m neither a zen Buddhist or a mindfulness master by any means! However, I am discovering the advantages of being alert. Have you ever driven somewhere on autopilot and arrived at your destination with no recollection of how you got there? Perhaps you ate a meal in front of the television and only saw your empty plate. Being mindful allows us to be in the present moment. To notice the small details that we would otherwise overlook.

At its finest, distraction

While doing this joyfully, our minds are less likely to consider discomfort or the general exhaustion that HS can induce.  So, if you’ve never tried mindfulness, try this: go look out a window for one minute and see what you can observe. A sparrow, children playing, someone mowing, and cars passing by. Because our minds aren’t adept at multitasking, you may discover that this creates a small space for you to just be.

Using your intellect to fight back

Hidradenitis can be so depleting that it might consume you and take over all of your thoughts. Mindfulness may perhaps help you reclaim some control. We must not allow HS to control our life; instead, we must live well despite it. This may appear difficult, if not impossible, at times. However, mindfulness may simply be another tool in your toolbox to help you ride the Hidradenitis Suppurativa rollercoaster.

Being conscious requires practice, but if anyone can do it, it’s those of us with HS. Begin small, practise, and discover what works best for you.

Our Outlook –

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According to Ayurveda, hidradenitis suppurativa is a cause of Kapha and Pitta dosha. When the digestive fire (Agni), or Pitta, is out of balance, the Kapha Dosha becomes vitiated, which slows down metabolism. Due to the disruption of fat molecules, they start to build up in muscles and impede bodily passageways, causing painful, swollen sores in the groin, buttocks, thighs, and armpits.

In Ayurveda, hidradenitis suppurativa Treatment is to restore the body’s natural equilibrium by detoxifying it with potent herbal therapies. 

The treatment for Hidradenitis Suppurativa at Elite Ayurveda comprises balancing the Kapha and Pitta doshas, as well as providing harmony to the metabolism. The treatment comprises body detoxification, internal drugs to balance doshas, and external applications to heal scars.

The treatment involves combinations of herbs created based on individual Prakruti and Vikruti analysis. Visit our website to know more

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Medically reviewed by Dr Adil Moulanchikkal, Lead Ayurveda Specialist at EliteAyurveda Clinics. With over 15 years of experience in treating Neurological, Skin & Autoimmune Diseases.


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