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Everyone is cognizant and convinced that “Prevention is better than cure”! Few individuals believe and implement this. Because, at the end of the day, it appears simple to visit a pharmacy. And to purchase something to temporarily alleviate the indications and symptoms. In the event of a severe attack, medical insurance and admission to larger hospitals are options.

In addition, news magazines and the internet continue to inform you that in the future years there will be a technology that will enable you to eliminate all pains. This could be accomplished by ingesting a pill or by depositing your stem cells in a bank. You are free to utterly ruin your health. And once the organ has been completely destroyed, stem cells can be reinstalled from the repository.

Is it difficult for you?

Thus, you finally have a variety of options to reconstruct your health and eliminate various main problems associated with “disease prevention,” such as-

Unpalatable cuisine

Restricted Nutrition

A regimented and punctual way of existence

Correct positions

No late night gatherings

A sufficient quantity of liquors and more……

In addition to attempting and addressing all these conditions, it is quite simple to take some medications and relax! This “Pill and Chill” idiom appears simple to everyone.

But none of us have considered what the complications of illness and disease will be.

Is “Pill and Chill” really as straightforward as it sounds?

Not at all!

The truth is bitter to accept, unlike this proverb of drugs.

Why Do We Get Sick?

Do you know the cause of your illness? What are diseases to you? Why does the human organism become so bizarre at certain points?

Diseases are “alarms” that something is amiss within the body! Diseases indicate that something or many things within the body are not functioning in accordance with its norms and principles. These alarms serve to alert us that it is time to be vigilant. When you forcibly disable these alarms, it is the same as turning off the fire alarms in the building and allowing it to catch fire. The purpose of alarms is to prevent incidents. This is the most common health issue that arises when we continue to relax by taking pills: after a few episodes, these alarms become weakened and you continue to develop chronic conditions. The story of “wolf-wolf” is also applicable to the human organism.

When these alarms are activated, the entire system and all of the cells prepare to combat the condition, but you can simply take a pill to deactivate them. It takes time for partially prepared cells to return to their normal condition.

Awaken prior to the alarm

After one or two such occurrences, cells begin to disregard these signs and alarms, making it possible for the body to develop chronic diseases. Where it becomes more difficult to treat and manage these conditions.

Currently, morbidity due to lifestyle diseases is at an all-time high. We have no remedy. And solutions do not appear to be forthcoming in the foreseeable future.

The progress of science is faltering. Bacteria and viruses evolve faster than laboratory science. These microorganisms are developing resistance to antibiotics quicker than we can create new ones. The struggle for survival is prevailing over the struggle to murder.

If you conduct a survey of 100 or 1,000 individuals, you will find that few can claim to be completely healthy. Then, what should be done?

Do we have no other option but to become ill? Can we not eliminate the vicious cycle of diseases? We must discover the answers to these issues.

Solving the Health Conundrum

Each stage appears to be very complicated. This is not an unsolvable conundrum, however. This requires an understanding of a few key principles. The most important and essential fact is-

Health cannot be purchased; it must be earned!!

This is the fundamental error we all make. We all agree that in time, everything will fall apart. The heath can be purchased from a medical store and a large hospital.

But this is false.

Health is comparable to income. This requires some effort on your part. Without exertion, it is impossible to maintain one’s health.

Health is more than just maintaining normal blood test results. Everything within biochemical limits does not guarantee complete health. Without exerting some effort, it is impossible to regain health.

Don’t establish rules

In my 15-year medical tenure, I have consulted with tens of thousands of patients. Almost every patient requested that I provide a “rule book.” A reference manual for health. Or they simply desired a diet plan or daily schedule chart.

I always said no.

Because you don’t need a manual for this complex machine known as the human body. Every cell in the human body is an independent entity, and the human body is analogous to an island of cells in its environment.

The organism possesses its own intelligence. And the comfort of these cells being able to “behave” and “work” normally is health. It constitutes a territory. Not just a parameter.

And artistic ability is required to put the human body into that frame. And no art can be investigated using a manual.

When we set rules. We propose alterations. These modifications are so frequent that we are on the verge of losing sight of the rules’ essence.

And if you are interested in Ayurveda. You need a distinct rule for each individual and each day.

If you do not feel like eating, do not consume. As of today, we know that fasting can destroy cancerous cells. Consequently, the ideal rule is to tune into your body. Follow your intuition.

The T-R-S policy

Whenever my patients compel me to discuss health insurance. I will spell TRS.

TRS- is fully Ayurvedic.

T represents Traditional

R represents Regional and S represents Seasonal

Tradition is knowledge. The accumulated knowledge of hundreds of thousands of years. Generations have laboured on these fundamentals. Diet, lifestyle, and everything else are the result of this constant observation and analysis.

Where we were born. Where we dwell. In terms of primary health. These are two essential details to know. These constitute the notion of region. The diet concept was predominantly regional. But the globalisation of food altered the entire concept of nutrition.

Thai cuisine belonged to Thailand. Mexican cuisine for Mexico; Italian cuisine for Italy. This must be implemented for total wellness.

Seasonal is the final word. Season is the natural world’s insight. Every season is the consequence of the Sun and Moon’s movement. Therefore, we must adhere to the rules established by nature.

Therefore, these three TRS are essential to observe. These can facilitate comprehensive health management.

Last Words

Therefore, you should better manage your Diet and Lifestyle in order to remain healthy. These are the only means to eliminate your health problems. Diet and lifestyle are two areas where Ayurveda has the potential to be of assistance. By selecting Ayurveda as a system to support your overall health, you can maintain your health with relative ease.

Therefore, it is preferable to maintain health and avoid medication. Because, in actuality, you can only relax without medication! Keep your health with Ayurveda….


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