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When it comes to Slipped Disc Treatment, Chronic Low Backache, or Sciatica, epidural injections in the back are fairly frequent nowadays. This is the most usual practise among neurologists, and it is pretended before providing Epidural injections to patients that the patient would be entirely cured. Even in a few percentiles, this is not true! The purpose of all such injections is only brief pain relief, which it accomplishes well, but these injections have been deceiving the experience of pain since 1952 in the medical world.

The sole potential benefit of such epidural injections is that the patient avoids taking the dangerous oral pain relievers on a daily basis. Although there will undoubtedly be some side effects of these injections in the lower back or neck, these are connected with high risk side effects.

The hazards of epidural injections in the spine

Even if the invasive surgical treatments are modest, there will always be some difficulties and hazards associated with them.

Infection during epidural injection: Severe infections are extremely rare, occurring in only 0.1% to 0.01% of cases.

Piercing of the Dural Layer (“wet tap”): This is a situation in which a post-dural puncture can induce spinal headache that may improve after a few days and may require some surgery to check the leak from the spine.

Bleeding during injecting: In patients who have a history of bleeding. It is common to observe bleeding, although it is uncommon to notice such circumstances.

Nerve damage is extremely rare, but it can occur as a result of direct trauma from the needle, infection, or haemorrhage.

The difficulties of Epidural injection owing to location are discussed above, but there are some side effects or hazards associated with the steroidal drugs that are administered. These are not as common as the negative effects of oral drugs, but they should not be overlooked.

Here are few examples….

Pain in the area where the epidural injection was given

Facial Redness and Hotness Flesh Anxiety


Blood sugar levels suddenly rise (increase).

A temporary loss in immunity due to the steroids’ immune-suppressive impact

Avascular necrosis of the femoral neck Ulcers in the stomach

Severe arthritis in the hip joint Cataract attack in the eyes

Even yet, there are many risks and negative effects linked with epidural steroidal Epidural injection. These only provide temporary alleviation to the sick. Cure is a pipe dream in modern medical research. Even spinal fusion surgery cannot guarantee a lasting cure.

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