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What exactly is Habitual Abortions or Recurrent Miscarriages?

Habitual Abortions or Recurrent Abortion occurs when a foetus dies spontaneously within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. While this is not a regular occurrence, it is frequently discovered in numerous circumstances. Ayurvedic miscarriage Treatment can help reduce the long-term risks of side effects and strengthen the uterus to retain the fetus to its term.

This is a significant condition that can occur in women while they are of reproductive age. While the likelihood of meeting this scenario is low, it rises with the age of the woman at the time of conception. Furthermore, after each abortion or miscarriage, the odds of conceiving decrease. Habitual Abortion Treatment in Ayurveda has been discovered to have miraculous properties to ensure uterine strength and boost conception chances.

What are the reasons for Recurrent Miscarriages?

According to the study, the most common time for recurrent miscarriages is during the first trimester of pregnancy. Recurrent abortions can be caused by a variety of factors.

1. A high level of infection

2. Dangerous exposure to radiation and other environmental hazards

3. Hormonal Problems

4. Uterine problems and anomalies

5. Immune System Impairment

6. Exposure to smoking, consuming alcohol, or other harmful lifestyle variables

7. Blood clotting disorders 

8. Cervical failure and defects

9.  Kidney disease 

10. Hereditary cardiomyopathy

11. Diabetes and high blood pressure

12. Thyroid hormone levels if elevated.

13. Disability of chromosomes in the foetus (unrelated to the mother’s or father’s health)

While these causes can be identified, there are other factors that can contribute to such a circumstance. It is vital to opt for a herbal side effect free Ayurvedic Recurrent Miscarriages treatment for a safe pregnancy.


Pregnancy is a journey that gives hope for new life and a couple’s future. The pair faces not only physical but also mental challenges as a result of a miscarriage or necessary abortion. As a result, a specific treatment approach is required to bring about three favourable changes:

1. Encourage the pair, particularly the females, to overcome their loss and look forward to a brighter future.

2. Strengthen and nourish the female uterus so that it can carry the foetus in the future.

3. Instill a positive healthy lifestyle in the lives of the couple to build a harmonious future towards progress.

Ayurvedic treatments for habitual abortion include yoga asanas and herbal medications. Yoga, in the case of asanas, can bring you peace of mind. The herbal medicines are tailored to the causes of  recurrent miscarriages depending on the prakruthi of the patient. 

Our treatment outlook

EliteAyurveda is a place where all of your concerns can be safely and properly resolved. Our Ayurveda specialists are well-versed in curing all cases and improving anyone’s physical and mental health. Ayurvedic treatment for Recurrent Miscarriages has proven similarly successful.

In Ayurvedic Recurrent Miscarriages Treatment, there are actions that must be taken.

1. The patient is examined, and the family’s medical history is researched.

2. All Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha focus points are checked. Each of these contains at least one bodily function. There will be a serious imbalance in Pitta if there is any anomaly in the functioning of Vatta and Kapha combined. Because Pitta concentrates on the hormonal and uterine systems, the majority of the restorative systems should do the same.

3. The patient’s health issues that may have an impact on the pregnancy are investigated.

4. Once a definitive list of problem areas has been established, the treatment strategy is established. There are healing herbs and remedies for every ailment. Yoga asanas are chosen, and a healthy lifestyle is encouraged.

5. As the body gets stronger, the mind gets clearer. This results in improved body operating capacities. As a result, the uterus gets stronger and capable of supporting the foetus.

Ayurvedic treatment for habitual abortion may be gradual, but it is completely safe. These medications may have side effects, as Ayurveda is natural and has no negative side effects.


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